Animal Jam Beta Days

What are the Beta Days?

‘Beta’ is a term commonly used to describe the early stages of when Animal Jam was still a new site. It’s estimated to be about the time period between when the site first launched and around one and a half years after. (September 10th 2010-Around 2011/2012)

It was considered to be a Golden Age for Animal Jam due to the lack of Scamming, Trolls and Bullying. Membership was a fairly new concept at the very beginning, so not many Jammers were bullied for not being a Member. ‘Membered’ Items didn’t even come out until much later in the Beta Period.

The Beta Period was also home to many now Beta Items. Items such as Blue/Orange Mat, Cami’s Frog, Top Hats, and Masks, were all one of the first items from this time that are no longer in stores today. That may or may not chance depending on Animal Jam’s administrators. These items are now worth a lot in trade, due to the fact that you can no longer get them. A few items, although they are considered Beta, are not considered to be worth as much during trade because of its unpopularity or it’s excess.

Differences from Today

One of the biggest differences that the Beta Days were so well known for was its rustic design. The icons, animals, dens, and the entire world was not as high quality or as detailed designed as the things we see today.


As you can see, the den for Non-Members was much larger, and had more of a tan color scheme compared to the bright, sunny, and livelier den we have today, although the Beta Den was much larger, consisting of several floors.

At the very beginning of the Beta Days, many Member Items we now see today are for Non-Members!


Items were also not as well designed or colored as they are today, so its shape and graphics aren’t as modern as we see in stores today.

People also claim that in the Beta Days, scamming and Non-Member Bullying wasn’t as much of a problem. This concept is debatable, but it is for certain that all items were, at one point in time, made for all Jammers to enjoy.

The entire Jamaa Map is different as well, consisting of less areas to explore.


As you can see, many parts of Today’s Jamaa are missing, such as Mt. Shiveer, Appondale, and the entire Ocean! There were also less stores and games. Places such as Epic Wonders, The Diamond Shop, and even The Pillow Room weren’t created until later on.

Saying Goodbye

The fun Beta Times couldn’t last forever. After all, Beta just means a trial to test out a new thing. Eventually, Animal Jam was shaped by both it’s Administrators and it’s players to be the great game we know of today.

The Beta Testers didn’t leave empty-handed though! All Beta Testers got an entire month of Free Membership!


These are the Animal Jam Beta Days. We had fun times, good times, and trying times. The important thing is to not let the old memories keep us back from making new ones. We need to remember the good times and create even more in more unfamiliar territory. It may never be the same as the previous years, but who knows? If we try hard enough, maybe Animal Jam will become even more of a fun place!

  1. Don’t usually post or comment, but this was a nice flashback. I actually played during the beta period and I fully agreed it was much more friendly and there were a lot more options available to everyone. As soon as the implementated the membership, it kinda ruined the game for a lot of older members because you were extremely limited of what you can do versus what you used to be able to do. I understand there needed to be a source of income, as it needed to substation itself- but it lost touched with those members who wanted simply wanted to play, and not be bombarded in the face behind a paywall. Excessive people with trading and scamming in the town were a chug on computers, need to implement a marketplace. It was a good time back then, but it lost its touch.

  2. thank you for these fully informations , but todays rarety system is tough , you should work hard to possibly get a beta or glitched item “rare items” too


  4. gift me any beta days stuff im really sad its goone my user is iamacutenewjammer and im from the beta days i miss it

  5. plz bring back beta testing i havnt started aj when it last happened!

    • Beta testing cannot be brought back. Firstly, bringing it back would wreck the in-game ‘economy’ that we have, and secondly, there is nothing for AJHQ to beta test. Unless AJHQ makes a new version of Animal Jam, an Animal Jam 2, if you will. This is possible because Adobe Flash is ending in 2020, so maybe there will be an Animal Jam 2 where Beta Testing will become a thing, since AJHQ might try some new engines for the game as Adobe Flash will probably not cut it for them anymore by 2020 anyway.

  6. ya i was in beta day! it was less cool i bought spikes but i don’t found them. maybe i should say to AJHQ to give them back to me

  7. beta days where a TESTING period and no they arent bringing it back idiots

  8. plz bring beta days i couldnt play animaljam cause the cause when i was born.

  9. I’ve been playing animal jam since 2012 and when I logged on again in 2018 for the first time in a couple of months, it was like a completely different game lol

  10. I never played Animal Jam Beta Days before I wonder what it’s like to play it I would’ve liked it if I played it before. To make it fair to the people who never played it or the ones who are wanting it back, bring back beta days please Animal Jam. If you want to play Animal Jam with me my username is Wolf5630.

  11. I really want beta days back I’ve been playing animal jam since I was five and now I’m ten so please can there be beta days it’s the only days that were fun and can you also please put it on animal jam play wild and now since beta days are out its not fun at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just please!

  12. I’ve been playing animal jam since 2014. So I really see the difference. But I couldn’t play much in 2015 so I can’t really remember much. All I remember was Animal Jam wasn’t THIS high-tech and NON-FRIENDLY yet. I REALLY miss the old days… If only time will reset…

  13. now i want the beta days you fulls that made animal jam

  14. Ugh why would animal jam do this to us?? It’s hard i really just want beta days liek why why why
    ?? Like i wasne’t In the beta days either Sealjam8O
    I really want the beta days too!! :,( I just want beta days!!!!!!! 🙁

    • Fluttershy but it a testing so sorry but I think ajhq will not gomna bring a beta testing…;(

  15. Plz Plz Plz bring beta days back i want a animal jam original now days and a beta day!! because beta!! days!!! Could bring me rares and goodies plz plz plz animal JAM!!!!!

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