Animal Jam Black Friday Sale 2018!

Black Friday of 2018 is almost upon us, and that means that many websites and stores will have tremendous sales. Animal Jam is also doing something for Black Friday Sale 2018, adding a few bonuses to the membership deals on their website. If you were planning on becoming and AJ member, or expand your current membership, the AJ Black Friday Sale 2018 is definitely worth a look. Today, we are going to show you what kind of bonuses you will get for Black Friday!

Animal Jam Black Friday Membership Bonuses

Purchasing a membership through the official Animal Jam Membership website normally gives you several bonuses. However, since the Black Friday Sale of 2018 is approaching, AJHQ cleverly decided to add some bonuses to the different membership packages. Let’s take a look at what you will get for purchasing a new membership, or expanding your current membership on AJ.

The first membership package that you can purchase is the monthly package. This will cost you $6.95 for a month of membership, and as a bonus, you will receive a total of 10 Diamonds, 600 Sapphires and 1500 Gems. There is no Black Friday Bonus for the “One Month” membership. It should be noted that the $6.95 payment is recurring every month.

The second membership package that you can purchase is the six monthly package, with a price tag of $29.95, which ends up being $4.99 a month. As a Black Friday Bonus, you will not receive 75 Diamonds, but a total of 100! You will also get 6000 Sapphires and 9000 Gems. The payment is also recurring every six months, which is important to remember.

Lastly, you can purchase the yearly membership package, which grants you access to all of the members features in AJ for 12 months. As a Black Friday Bonus, you will not receive 175 Diamonds, but a whopping 250 Diamonds! You will also get 15,000 Sapphires and 25,000 Gems. The yearly membership costs $57.95, which ends up costing you $4.83 a month.

Glorious Goat Bundle

Even though this is not part of the Black Friday Sale of 2018, you will get the amazing Glorious Goat Bundle for purchasing/expanding a membership on AJ in the month of November. If you want to receive an increased amount of Diamonds for getting a membership, and a large pack of clothing items, den items, a Goat and a Pet Goat, you will need to act fast.

The Black Friday Sale will end pretty soon, which means that the membership bonuses will be removed as well!

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