Why Your Animal Jam Code May Not Work

Hey Jammers! Today we are going to get into why sometimes you might have a code for Animal Jam and it does not seem to work. There will be times when Animal Jam Head Quarters will release a code, which Jammers can use when they login to Animal Jam. These codes are special and often will unlock Gems, special items, and other really neat items for you.


The issue with these codes is that they often have expiration dates, which means you only have a certain amount of time to enter these codes before they become invalid. You can find these codes in a lot of difference places too, which means that you need to keep looking on Daily Explorer for the codes, and Daily Explorer also tells you where in Animal Jam you will find the codes.

It is important that you also remember not to ever give away any information about your Animal Jam account in exchance for these codes. If the codes are legit from Animal Jam, they will never ask for account information in order for you to get the codes or enter the codes. If you come across another Jammer telling you that they will give you a code in exchange for something, it’s best to contact Animal Jam and report that person and do not ever give out your information or say okay to this unless this is someone you personally know, such as someone from school or a friend that you know isn’t ripping you off. Even then, even with friends, don’t ever give out your personal account information in order to get these codes.

  1. the ajbday8 code just got released today and loads of people have got the cake but i have tried entering the code in lowercase and in capitals and i have closed google and opened it back up again and i have shut my computer down and turned it back on again but whenever i enter the code it says the code didn’t work even when aj said the code in the news. I really want this cake but i can’t get it.

  2. Hi everyone! im flowerwi! thats my aj user! i used all the codes here! now i can buy stuff! tysm!

  3. Cool,That you it doing 😀

  4. i’m get to open this acount

  5. can you do another giveaway please please please i just wanna enter one i made one of my own but i never entered one i always see one but the ones that i mostly see on you tube and stuff even here are out of date

  6. winter,spooky,ngk2015,adventure,tigris,gangs,chimbu,zambezi,nile,twelve,ajbday4,akbday3. 🙂 ENJOY

    • the only ones that work were winter the rest are expired ajbday3 and ajbday4 expired LONGG ago and also tigris twelve nile

  7. but i have some too!

  8. wow! like anyone cares.Sorry for my cuteness in sas, but it does not work.

  9. hi guys its me i have a code its phantom it gives u 500 gems

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