Animal Jam Deer Codes

Deer have returned to Jamaa just in time for the Jamaalidays.  If you missed out last time Deer were available, then don’t miss your chance this year!


One of the best things about deer is that you don’t have to buy them at the Diamond Shop.  Deer can be purchased for only 1000 gems and you buy them just like you’d add any new animal in Animal Jam.

If you need some more gems to purchase a deer, check out our Animal Jam codes page!  We’ve got all the newest codes to get you thousands of gems so you can buy a deer.


Unfortunately Deer are for members only so nonmembers aren’t able to buy them.  But if you’re not a member, don’t worry!  Visit our free memberships page or enter one of our monthly giveaways for your chance to win a free Animal Jam membership.


I also created this page so we could share any deer codes we find with eachother.  It doesn’t happen very often, but sometime AHQ will release codes for special animals in the game!  Who knows, maybe they’ll make some deer codes while they’re in the Jamaaliday spirit!


If anyone knows of any working deer codes for Animal Jam, please post them in the comments and share them with your fellow Jammers!  I’ll keep this page updated whenever we find any new deer codes.  Check back soon!

  1. I really want this deer please tell me anyone what the code is I’ll tell you a code sound fair?

  2. Heya, This is a bit old but i was hoping to get the deer, its one of the only animal’s i’ve wanted over the 3 years i’ve played this game. My User is Spiritofthephoenix, Please give me a dear, i will be greatful.

  3. hope you find out soon!

  4. i really want to be a deer plz tell me when the deers are gone so i can buy them before they are gone

  5. AJHQ has verified that Deer come back 12/16/2016! Save up your Diamonds!

  6. Hello, my name is Alex-is and I want a deer plz!! I can’t tell you my username because you might be hackers but I can give you my other username Alexistheamazing9 plz. I really want a deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A PIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!Spike

  7. Omg I was hacked and robbed! I told AJ they did nothing! Can you please help me get back the fortune of 56 diamonds and 20000 gems I collected over the past 3 years?

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