Animal Jam Double Gems, New Goat Animal & More!

Hey everyone!  This week’s Jamaa Journal has some exciting and (somewhat) mysterious clues in it!  It seems like AJHQ took a week off with the news over the Jamaalidays, so let’s see what they have to announce.

First off, there’s a new Winter Palace Den available for sale.  Now you can transform your den into a real winter palace!


Now that school has started again, Jammers have less time to play Animal Jam and earn gems.  Well we’re in luck because for a short time, you can earn double gems in every game found in Jamaa!


The most exciting bit of news this week is that a new animal will be coming to Jamaa!  There are clues hidden where the page numbers usually are in the Jamaa Journal.  If you hadn’t seen for yourself already, if you unscramble the letters, it spells GOAT!

That’s right, the next new animal coming to Animal Jam is going to be a goat! Check back soon when we have more information on the new Animal Jam goat.


Remember that members are now able to host their own Animal Jam parties!  Just open the party list and click on the option to host your own party.  It will be active for one hour so be sure to invite all your buddies!


If you’ve got new Animal Jam gift cards from over the holidays, now is the time to redeem them!  For a limited time, Jammers who redeem an Animal Jam retail gift card will receive a free pet snow leopard!


That’s it for this week’s news.  Come back soon for more information on the goat, coming soon to Animal Jam!


  1. Hey, I know what the new animal is by the way its called an aye-aye and its a LEMUR!!! I so cant wait for them to come I love lemurs!!!

  2. Here is an idea for animaljam\aj 1)new diamond shop item:furr coat.
    2)Den shop item:popsicle machine.
    3)New animal for non members:Zebra
    Dear Ajhq,
    I love the game that you guys created and love the new update you guys did but I was thinking of all of it began and past the years you guys did some Major Updates of hacking and glitches one way to prevent that from happening is whatch some videos of glitches and block the glich and the hacking is where you need to add a parents phone number so if someone gets the password wrong you guys contact the number and tell them “your child is being hacked and were going to suspend them for 30 mins”.that is one way to prevent that or lock suspend that person until the parents contact your number then you unsuspended that account.
    My AJ account

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