Animal Jam Eat Em Up Game-AJHQ Spotlight

Attention Jammers, a new game has been featured that you can find at Crystal Reef. The game at Crystal Reef is known as Eat Em Up, and a lot of Jammers are really having a lot of fun playing this new game, with Jammers trying to get through the levels as quick as they can in order to compete with friends across the Animal Jam kingdom.

spotlight game

Well did you know that just by playing this game you could be featured in an Animal Jam Head Quarters Spotlight? You might have seen this referred to as AJHQ Spotlight, and you should be seeing the banner messages appearing on your screen when you login to Animal Jam. If you see the AJHQ Spotlight banners show up on your screen, you should look at it as an invitation to join thousands of other Jammers in the fun. You can also submit a snapshot of yourself playing Eat Em Up, and you could be featured in Jammer Central!

Keep in mind that not all Jammers who submit a snapshot playing the game will be featured in Jammer Central, but it is a cool way to show off your skills and joy while you play this hot game that will test your skills and abilities. Remember, whenever you send a screenshot of yourself playing Eat Em Up, you need to keep our all personal and identifying information, and make sure your screenshot is of you playing the game. Of course, if you don’t get picked to be featured, it’s probably because so many Jammers submit photos that not everyone can be featured, and it’s nothing to do with you personally. Just keep submitting and you will eventually see yourself on top of Jammer Central.

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