Animal Jam Falcon Codes

Falcons are one of the newest Diamond Shop animals in 2016.  Falcons were voted to be the next animal by Jammers.  Click here to find out more about the contest that happened.

As many of you could guess, Falcons are flying animals so they can fly pretty much anywhere in Jamaa.  They are the third kind of flying animal in Animal Jam behind the Eagle and the Owl.


Falcons are available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.  It costs 10 diamonds to buy a Falcon.  You have to be a member to buy Diamond Shop animals and it can take a long time to save up 10 diamonds, that’s why I made this page.


One obvious way to get a Falcon is by getting an Animal Jam membership.  Memberships usually come with diamond bonuses and you’ll need a membership to buy things at the Diamond Shop.


Unfortunately not all Jammers have membership and it can be expensive to buy one.  That’s where you come in!  If anyone knows and codes to get Falcons free in Animal Jam, please list them in the comments!


See the Animal Jam Falcon in Action!

Sometimes AJHQ will release special codes to unlock animals to keep your eyes and ears open for any Falcon codes you might find.  It doesn’t happen very often but it’s possible.

Since the Falcon is such a new animal, it may take some time for Jammers to find codes for them.  In the meantime, you can check out our guide for some tips on how you can get a free Animal Jam membership.


I think everyone in Animal Jam should have a chance to play with Diamond Shop animals, especially the flying ones like the Falcon!  If you know of any Falcon codes, please please share them on this page to spread the help.

I’ll update the page as soon as some Falcon codes are found, check back soon!

  1. I fully need the eagle and arctic wolf bc I wanna explore fine my account at maximum3004

  2. Jam-A-Gram me if you find a code and put it here my username is coindragon103

  3. I am a member but i cant ever save enough diamonds to get a falcon.i really want there to be a the way my username is Deidaraiscool.

  4. They took falcons away I tried to buy one today and today is June 14, 2017. This makes me super mad! I just wish they didn’t do that. Sloths are still there and they too were voted by Jammers! So why haven’t they taken them away yet? 🙁

  5. i really need some gems!, and a falcon would be awsome! pls buddy my, my user is kittymeow333, and its my bday tomarrow!

    • hey i read ur comment and 2day its 4/4/2018 lol!! i buddied u im blossomgirls3

  6. Hi! Plz let her know some falcon codes.

  7. Hi! i really love falcons and i like goats! when do you think they will make falcon codes?

  8. Membership codes? Also buddy me my name is Tirza66

  9. Plzz buddy me! I really like this website! I have an issue with animal jam though… I am no where near “rare”. I really want to be though… Do you know how I can become rare? And I just became a member so maybe you can gift me now. As I understand gifting is a member quality. My user is KitCatLova. This is also my YouTube username. If you subscribe and jam-a-gram me I will automatically buddy you! Just make sure to mention u subscribed. I love my fans!( I don’t have many though XD) BYE!

    • If you really wanna become rare, the easiest thing to do is play the forgotten desert with 2 or 3 other people so that you have a higher chance of finishing the crystals. Finishing the crystals usually has a reward of a beta, rare item, or epic wonders item. p.s. my username is awsomepossum123 if u need any more help!

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