Animal Jam Features You Get Without Having a Membership

Hi Jammers! We know that not everyone can afford an Animal Jam membership, and since these memberships are paid monthly with real money, we know it gets expensive after a while. While the membership money is used to help keep Animal Jam safe and fun for all, there are still things you can do in Animal Jam if you are not interested in becoming a paid member. Of course, some items and activities are for the paid members, which means they are exclusive, you still get a lot of items and features if you are a non-paying Jammer. Here are just some of the cool features all Jammers can enjoy, even without a membership to Animal Jam.

You can explore all of the oceans and lands in Jamaa. None of the lands or oceans are cutoff to be members-only, which is great because it gives you the chance to explore everywhere you want for free.

You are allowed to trade with both your friends and other players in Animal Jam, which gives you the chance to get new items and accessories.

You can play a lot of games to earn gems. You can play games by yourself, with your friends, or with other players in Jamaa.

You will be able to host parties and decorate your den with whatever items and accessories you want.

You will be able to go on a lot of cool adventures, both by yourself and with friends or other Jammers.

The Daily Spin is available for everyone, and you have the chance to win diamonds and gems for free with the Daily Spin.

Even if you are not a member, you will be able to fill in the Journey Book pages and also receive prizes as a result.

If you have Adobe Flash, you will be able to watch all of the videos that are available in Jamaa, and there are no cut offs to how many videos you can watch, and it’s all for free.

You also will be able to dress up your animals in really fun and cool accessories and clothing, although some specific items and clothing will be exclusive just for the members.

  1. Adobe Flash isn’t a flash drive. If you can play Animal Jam normally, you don’t need to worry about Adobe Flash. It’s just a program needed play.

  2. I really want to play I have a username on the computer so plz don’t make me use that flash drive?:(

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