How to Get Animal Jam Free Chat

Hey Jammers!  I’ve seen a lot of you asking how to get free chat in the comments.  First of all, if someone tells you they can get you free chat, DO NOT give them your password!  They are trying to scam you so don’t fall for it.

Here is how you can actually get free chat on Animal Jam.

  1. Activate your parent account using the email you used to set up your animal Jam account.  When you first sign up for Animal Jam, they send you an email with the option to activate a parent account.  Click the link and it will bring you to this page.
  2. After you choose a password and click “continue”, you’ll get to this page.  Enter your email address and password here then click “log in”.
  3. Once you log in, you’ll see the Parent Dashboard page.  Here you will see an overview of your account.  In the middle, you’ll see the chat options.  The default setting is “Restricted Chat”.  In order to get free chat, you’ll want to change the settings to “Safe Chat”.
  4. That’s it!  Now you have free chat!  Your messages will no longer be limited by the pre-approved list.  Just remember, curse words and other bad words are still not allowed.

Hopefully this guide will help you unlock free chat on Animal Jam, no more annoying restrictions!  If you have any questions, just post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.  Thanks Bluebird for the idea to make this post!

  1. It didn’t work do I need to be a member?😕

  2. I think I’ve seen a no with free chat. So it may be any jammer

  3. if you give account but the parent account have being actived i give you three month membership

  4. I’ve tried to switch to safe chat plus but when I click home to go play the game it switches back to safe chat.. I’m a member tho

  5. Umm i am a member and i tried switch on safe chat plus like many times and it dont work! why?

  6. yep you have to be a member. I am a member!!!!!!

  7. hi i have a account my user is Chark7 and if u buddy me first u will get my non-member RARE account!

  8. thank you

  9. so the guide is saying i have to reset my account?! No no no…

  10. Oh ya guys??

  11. If im membership i can free anything but im not member?

  12. Ugh i want a free chat?

  13. I’m pretty sure you have to be a member to activate free chat.

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