How to Get Animal Jam Free Chat

Hey Jammers!  I’ve seen a lot of you asking how to get free chat in the comments.  First of all, if someone tells you they can get you free chat, DO NOT give them your password!  They are trying to scam you so don’t fall for it.

Here is how you can actually get free chat on Animal Jam.

  1. Activate your parent account using the email you used to set up your animal Jam account.  When you first sign up for Animal Jam, they send you an email with the option to activate a parent account.  Click the link and it will bring you to this page.
  2. After you choose a password and click “continue”, you’ll get to this page.  Enter your email address and password here then click “log in”.
  3. Once you log in, you’ll see the Parent Dashboard page.  Here you will see an overview of your account.  In the middle, you’ll see the chat options.  The default setting is “Restricted Chat”.  In order to get free chat, you’ll want to change the settings to “Safe Chat”.
  4. That’s it!  Now you have free chat!  Your messages will no longer be limited by the pre-approved list.  Just remember, curse words and other bad words are still not allowed.

Hopefully this guide will help you unlock free chat on Animal Jam, no more annoying restrictions!  If you have any questions, just post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.  Thanks Bluebird for the idea to make this post!

  1. i have a seroius problem my grandpa set up my animal jam account, and here is the problem, My grandpa put in the wrooong gmail so he never got a thing so he could activate his parent dashboard, is there anyway i can fix this?

  2. Um guys, you have to be a member. IT DOES WORK!! You just have to be member and use UR OWN EMAIL!! Your welcome now TRY IT!!!! (remember, you have to be a member.

  3. How do you link a portal to your other den

    • i don’t think you can do it to you’re other dens but i do know you can link it to you’re buddy’s dens!

  4. Guys it worked for me u have to get membership for it to work

  5. When I opened my AJHQ account, I used my gaggle email. Gaggle locks you out of your email when you graduate from 5th grade. I graduated. How do I switch from that email to my email for my parent account so I can get free chat?

  6. I think Non-Members should be given the privledge to get free chat. It’s very umfair for them to not have free chat.

  7. hi jammers plz buddy me my use is : kaitlynn . or mira3539

  8. I think that we should have more non members items because non members are basically restricted from things like more than two animals, free chat, diamonds, and more clothing. But non members are really special. they have to use what they have and what they can buy, and really be creative. If you look at any non member, you should now that they struggle to stand out in the crowd. Take it from me, I’m a non member, too. My name is renee066 and I’m finished. End of story.

  9. Okay, below is a full guide to get free chat!
    First, be a member and have a parent dashboard.

    Second, Click [Contact AJHQ] or something like that

    Third, send them an email saying:
    My daughter/son(s) would like something called ‘Free chat’ on Animal Jam. They have begged for it and I’d like permission to give it to them. Their username(s) are: __________ (username). Here is the billing history.
    (Do the membership ‘code’ ((not from membership card you bought))) like etc 1jdjsnA1820Uimxl (what) and type the date of when you got the membership.

    Send, and wait from 24 to 48 hours to get a reply!

    Thanks 😀

  10. but u need membership guys :/

    • Oh ok I did not see that but if u can buddy me I do videos u can be in some and I talk out loud so u can here me bat I will type oh and my username is tstillion

  11. Guys if you dont wanna ring up.. Then do this! First:make an account if u dont have 1 Second:Put ur or parents email Third:Activate your account with Email Finally: Go onto ur parents guuardian thing and click safe chat Thats all u need to do 🙂

  12. Hey guys i just wanna ask,……. how to verify the parental consent when AJHQ ISN’T EVEN REPLYING!

  13. does it really work it works buddy me im issamarissa on animaljam see u there and I have too million diamonds aj rocks I bought a bunch of money

  14. Just saying you can just send animal jam a email by clicking contact on the bottom of the page

  15. my pass is sweet14141 and my act is geegee72246 play dont hake me just get me stuff plz

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