Animal Jam Friendship Armor Set

The Friendship Armor was first released in February 2015 to celebrate the Friendship Festival.  It has since returned to the Diamond Shop every February where it can be purchased by members.

When you visit the Diamond Shop you’ll find the Friendship Armor along with the other kinds of special armor sets.  The friendship armor is usually only available for the month of February so take advantage of it while you can!  You’ll need a total of 9 diamonds to buy the whole set.

The friendship armor really helps you spread the love around Jamaa, literally!  Everywhere you walk you leave heart shaped footprints behind, isn’t that nice?  You can see all of the pieces for sale in the Diamond Shop.

If you buy all five items in the friendship armor set, then your animal will look like mine pictured above!  Here are the different pieces of the armor set.

Friendship Helmet

Friendship Amulet

Friendship Armor

Friendship Gauntlets

Friendship Tail Armor

The Friendship Armor is only available for a limited time during the month of February so hurry to the Diamond Shop and get yours while you can!  If you missed out on buying the friendship armor, don’t give up.  There are still some ways to get the armor set!

First thing you can try to do is trade with another Jammer that has the friendship armor.  Maybe they’ve had it for a while and want to get something new?  It never hurts to ask just make sure you’re polite about it!

There’s also a chance that there are some friendship armor codes out there.  It’s usually uncommon to see, but there have been special armor codes in the past.  Keep an eye out for any friendship armor codes and if you find any, let me know and I’ll post them here!

The quickest way to get the friendship armor set would be to become a members and buy it from the Diamond Shop.  I know this isn’t possible for all Jammers so that’s why I made this page where people can trade or share any codes they know.  Good luck!

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