Animal Jam Goat Codes

Goats are arriving to Animal Jam some time in early 2016.  Hints were given in the Jamaa Journal and goats were officially announced as the newest animal in January 2016.


Goats are one animal that I never really thought would come to Jamaa but they’re pretty cool!  They’ll be available in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Start saving now!

Members are the only ones who can buy goats so if you don’t have a membership, check out our page for how to get a free membership and be sure to enter our membership giveaway drawings!

If you don’t have a membership or you don’t have enough diamonds to buy a goat, you can try to find some codes for goats in Animal Jam.  Sometimes AJHQ will put out codes for certain animals, although it rarely happens.

Another way to try to get a code for a goat would be buying a retail Animal Jam membership card.  You can get free animals when you redeem an Animal Jam membership code so there’s a chance you can get a goat for free!

I’ll have more details on the goats in Animal Jam as soon as they arrive to Jamaa.  If anyone knows any codes for goats, please share them with other users in the comments!

  1. good work

  2. oh and can i have some goat codes that work for october 2016 plz!

  3. hey yous my username is koala8642 if you want to gift me a violet spike u can. but i have been serching for one cause some jammers try to trade me one but they just cancel the trade right egsact time i press yes and thats sooooooo mean so u cinda have to plz do.

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