Animal Jam Goat Codes

Goats are arriving to Animal Jam some time in early 2016.  Hints were given in the Jamaa Journal and goats were officially announced as the newest animal in January 2016.


Goats are one animal that I never really thought would come to Jamaa but they’re pretty cool!  They’ll be available in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Start saving now!

Members are the only ones who can buy goats so if you don’t have a membership, check out our page for how to get a free membership and be sure to enter our membership giveaway drawings!

If you don’t have a membership or you don’t have enough diamonds to buy a goat, you can try to find some codes for goats in Animal Jam.  Sometimes AJHQ will put out codes for certain animals, although it rarely happens.

Another way to try to get a code for a goat would be buying a retail Animal Jam membership card.  You can get free animals when you redeem an Animal Jam membership code so there’s a chance you can get a goat for free!

I’ll have more details on the goats in Animal Jam as soon as they arrive to Jamaa.  If anyone knows any codes for goats, please share them with other users in the comments!

  1. PLZ 10 diamonds

  2. plz i rlly want a rare long or a rare headdress it would mean the universe to me plz send me a code

  3. Can I PLZ have a Rare LONG SPIKE COLLAR plz and my username is:Icylunarmoon
    Plz give me a rare long spike

    • Hey I have a membership for six months, I have a falcon, arctic wolf, otter, owl, lynx, and snow leopard. How long does it take for you guys to get codes for goats? I’ve been waiting months, and you need to hurry up. I want a GOAT NOW!!! :(((

  4. I really want dimaonds so can someone reply or tell me a code that actully worked please my user is gutz13 please help me out

  5. Hi! I am IN LOVE with AJ! I go on EVERY DAY! I have a membership, but it is only for a month. When my membership expires, I will be able to get it renewed, but also only for a month. 1 month memberships only come with 5 diamonds! Currently I only have 3 diamonds and really need more! I also really want an artic wolf or an owl, SO PLEASE reply this comment telling me any codes! My user is tealseal5107 if anyone wants to hang out! Bye! 🙂

    • Hi,i read you’re comment and i have a code for you to use but i dont know if it will work right now in aj but its a code Lol.Anyway the code is tweleve and it gives you 1 diamond and i hope this was helpful for you and im Katiebug1101 and ( i play two aj players ) Twilight1207 you’re welcome and hope the code works!

  6. Hey, Can I get A light pink headdress, a blue headdress, a pink long and a few den betas? Thanks I’m Jammer70441

  7. I want a spike collar but I keep getting tricked people trade me one and if I accept they some how decline. I really want a purple or black spiked collar. my username is kittie82 if some one is willing to friend me and either gift or trade me one.

  8. hey i can find any member ship cards my friend just gave me one but i need more!!! i needs diamonds! user:reaina77 tysm also ppl GIFT ME!

  9. itd be just cool if u gave me a membership itd be pretty chill of u hook me up my usernames rednec2009

  10. Please could you give me a membership code or a free membership, 50 diamonds and a goat. they are so cute and maybe 6000 gems plz. its fine if you dont but just asking

  11. I want a spike collar but i never got one can someone please give me a spike collar for anything i have! I want one! my user is Jammer4q3tm.

  12. plz plz plz get more diamond codes i have to wait for next tuesday till i canget another diamond for the den i want oh and also put down animal codes in the commonts

  13. i really really whant a pig animal my user name is animezoe plz

  14. I have been a loyal AJ player since mabye 2012/2013, around when adventures first came to Jamaa. Since then, me and my little brother(joined in 2014/2015) have only gotten to experience being a member for a month. So we would be very grateful if you granted us both 12 month memberships, since our parents won’t but on for us and we don’t have enough $$$ to buy it ourselves. My user: danigirl04 | My brother’s user: boxdog99

  15. what is the code can you pls say it to ussss

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