Animal Jam Haunted Hideout Bundle

Every so often, AJHQ releases a new promotional bundle that contains many exclusive items. Since Halloween is approaching, you will see that Jamaa has turned into a spooky place, with the Halloween theme in mind. Today, we are going to take a look at one of those promotional bundles that contains spooky items, which is simply called the Haunted Hideout Bundle.

The Haunted Hideout Bundle was first announced on September 27, 2018, on the Animal Jam website. The bundle is an exclusive gift to Jammers to sign up for a membership, or for current members that extend their membership, through the official AJ website. The bundle contains a Pet, an Animal, members-only clothing items and members-only den items. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of items we will find in the Haunted Hideout Bundle.

Haunted Hideout Bundle Contents

As mentioned above, the bundle contains a large number of different items, a pet and even an animal. Let’s first take a look at the animal; The Spooky Snow Leopard. If you are familiar with the animals in AJ, you will know that there is already a regular Snow Leopard in the game. The Spooky Snow Leopard orange pumpkins, purple bats and white ghost symbols on its fur. It also seems like it will have a trail of the exact symbols following it wherever it runs off to.

As a pet, you will get an exclusive Phantom, which can’t be found anywhere else in the game. The Pet Phantom looks rather cute, and doesn’t seem to want to attack you at all.

If you want to dress up in matching clothing, the exclusive armor set in this bundle will get the job done. You will get a Haunted Mask, Haunted Collar, Haunted Wings, Haunted Gauntlets and Haunted Tail Armor, all of which have the Halloween theme, as seen in the picture below.

You will also want to get your den ready for Halloween. What better way to do so then to use the exclusive den items that come with this bundle. In the picture below, you can see what the den items look like. Don’t they look rather spooky?

Lastly, the bundle also contains a spooky version of Greely’s Hideout. This way, you will have a complete and matching set, ready for Night of the Phantoms and Halloween!

How to Get the Haunted Hideout Bundle

In order to get a Haunted Hideout Bundle, you will have to buy a membership by going to the official Animal Jam membership website. If you are already a member, you will have to extend your membership to get the bundle. The duration of the membership doesn’t matter. You will get the bundle regardless if you take the 1 month, 6 months or 12 months membership pack.

Keep in mind that this promo is only available until October 31, 2018, which marks the end of the event. If you don’t get your bundle within the next  couple of weeks, you will no longer get the chance. It is not clear if the items in this bundle will be made available in the shops at a later date.



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