Animal Jam Ice Armor Codes

The ice armor is one of the original special armor sets in Animal Jam.  When it first came out you could only get it by purchasing an Animal Jam membership card.  Now the ice armor set is available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.


You can buy the entire ice armor set for 9 diamonds at the diamond shop.  This is a lot of diamonds for most players, especially if you dont have a membership.  That’s why I made this page so you can post any codes for ice armor if you know them!

I know it’s been a while since they’ve had the Animal Jam membership cards with ice armor but there’s gotta be some unused codes that are still out there!  Or if anyone knows any new diamond codes those would be helpful too!

Ice Armor – 3 Diamonds


Ice Helmet – 2 Diamonds


Ice Tail Armor – 2 Diamonds


Ice Amulet – 1 Diamond


Ice Gauntlets – 1 Diamond


As you can see, the ice armor set is pretty cool looking!  You definitely dont see it around Jamaa as much as you used to because there are so many new armor sets out now.  If you’re looking for a classic armor set that’s sure to get some looks, you need the ice armor!

Like I said before, if you know of any codes for the ice armor please leave them in the comments 🙂  It’d be great if we could make this page a place where everyone can share codes that they know!

  1. Buying ice tail for diamond engruated djbfudvnuehe tail post me if ok name:Darcue55

  2. the code “twelve” gives you one diamond

  3. im trying different codes and these work! (one try per code):


  4. Hey this is a 2016 kid i tried all codes and none worked i tried looking through comments got bored soooo ya im commenting right now!

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