Animal Jam Jump is Here!

Yesterday it was announced that Animal Jam Jump is finally released!  This new mobile app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices!  Play as a kangaroo and jump your way to the top of each level to earn gems.  Check out the AJ Jump Cheats Guide for guides on how to play Animal Jam Jump and where to download the game!


I think one of the coolest parts about AJ Jump is that you can earn gems and then transfer them to your Animal Jam account!  Now you can earn gems while you’re on the go and then spend them in Jamaa!  To celebrate the release of Animal Jam Jump, every Jammer who downloads the app will get their very own pet Joey kangaroo.


I’m so excited for this new app to be out!  Be sure to check out the Animal Jam Mobile: AJ Jump Cheats Guide for information on where to download the new app and for cheats and guides for AJ Jump!  I’ll be updating the page as much as I can as soon as I play through the game!



  1. lol lol ha lol costs money no fair

  2. Make it for wp8 we want it for windowsphone pls

  3. Is there a way to play it on computer or a i-pad/i-pod with out paying? How about tunnel town?

  4. I really want to get the game but you have to pay,like, $1.99 for it! I don’t have a app store money account thingy so I carnt buy it!!

  5. love animal jam need to get animal jam jump

    • i love aj i really want aj jump and pet joey check out my den on aj my username is jewl0001

  6. Hey, one thing I dont like about AJ JUMP is that you have to pay 1.99 for it -.-
    -Princess Flight
    (Written Calligraphy -Scribe Dragon-)

  7. Can you please advise why my credit card details are required in order for my daughter to play this game. .? I am not happy about entering them on your website.

    • I’m not sure where you’re seeing that you need to enter your credit card info…I do not sell the game on this website. The game is for sale at the Apple Store, Android Market, and on Amazon. Good luck.

    • You dont have to be rude about it, though.

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