Animal Jam Lemurs

Hey Jammers!  Lemurs have recently arrived in Jamaa so I thought I’d make a post about them to show you!  They are the newest animal to come to Animal Jam in September 2016.


Lemurs are one of my favorite animals so I’m definitely excited for them to come to Jamaa.  If they’re anything like the lemurs in the movie Madagascar, I bet they’re lots of fun!


You can find the new lemurs at the Diamond Shop for the price of 10 diamonds.  This is pretty standard for all of the new animals in the game.  I know it’s not as much fun for non-members but you have to remember that Animal Jam has to sell memberships in order to keep the game running.


If you are a member, then save up your diamonds because you’re going to want one of these lemurs!  Or if you don’t already have a membership, you can enter one of our giveaways where you can win a membership for free.

Here’s how the lemurs look in the game.  They hop/dance around instead of walking like the other animals do, it’s really funny!  Check out the video of lemurs on this page to see more.


Lemur’s also have a really cool “play” move where they spin around like they’re getting swept away by a tornado.  You can see that in the video I made of them!


So whenever a new animal comes out I always get lots of comments from Jammers asking if there are any new codes to unlock the newest animal.  There are rarely ever codes released for animals because that’s how Animal Jam gets players to buy memberships.

Your best bet to get a lemur is by getting an Animal Jam membership.  If you want some tips for getting a free membership, take a look at this guide.  I wouldn’t give up hope though because there may be codes for lemurs out there.


If you know of any working codes to get a free lemur in Animal Jam, please share them in the comments.  Your fellow Jammers will thank you for it.  If I find any working lemur codes, I’ll be sure to add them to this page.

Until then, you can watch the video of lemurs in action or try to get an Animal Jam membership so you can get one yourself!

  1. plz tell me what things that would look good on the lemur!

  2. Could you tell me any that actually have codes?

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