Animal Jam Llama Codes

The Llama is a fairly new animal that arrived in Animal Jam in 2015.  Llamas are exclusively available at the Diamond Shop in Jamaa and are currently for members-only.


It costs 10 diamonds to purchase a Llama from the Diamond Shop.  Even if you have a membership, it can take a long time to save up 10 diamonds!  If you’re not a member or you don’t have 10 diamonds in your account, then we’re here to help!


Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes AJHQ will release codes for animals, like the Llama.  Animal codes have been made for special holidays and can be included with certain memberships.  This page was made so we can all share any Llama codes we hear about or find in Animal Jam!


Those savy members who have saved up their diamonds will be able to buy a Llama right away but for the rest of us, we have to find other ways.  Non-members can consider getting a membership since it automatically comes with a bonus 60 diamonds (1 year membership).


Be sure to check out our page with some tips for how you can get a free Animal Jam membership.  Hopefully there are some good ideas there to help you get a membership and then get a Llama.


If you know of any working codes for Llamas in Animal Jam then please leave them in the comments here!  I’ll update this page whenever someone comes through with some Llama codes.  Please only post working Llama codes!!

Check back soon for more Llama information and codes!

  1. Ok a llama code is LUCKYLLAMA ( All caps or it will not work ) and a membership one is 21453827mg

  2. my username is leni999 and I NEED a llama pls pls give me one I REALLY WANT a llama pls give me one

  3. my user is babyzebra2

  4. my username is rainneyy260

  5. no when i look on the diamond shop like in the diamond shop there is no llama

  6. My username is AjDonut06 and I LOVE llamas! Does Anyone know of any codes for Llamas? Please Comment if you do, so every one can have a LLAMA!

  7. i really want a llama plz and membership codes if you have them

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