Animal Jam Lynx Codes

The Lynx came to Animal Jam in Fall 2015 and has been a big hit at the Diamond Shop ever since!  Everyone loves the big cats in Animal Jam and the Lynx is no exception!


I mean just look at that face :p I had to break down and get one.  Just like the rest of new animals in Animal Jam, they cost 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop and are for members only.  I know it’s annoying that all the new animals are for members only so that’s why I made this page!


Sometimes Animal Jam releases special codes for certain animals, like the Lynx!  These codes are usually found with memberships but there are some that have worked for non-members.  I anyone knows of any Lynx codes, please leave them in the comments!


If you are a member then you can save up your diamonds to buy a Lynx.  If you don’t have an Animal Jam membership, check out our page on how you can get one, maybe even for free!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if AJHQ did some kind of contest where they gave away free Lynx codes?!  I’m going to submit that idea to them, you should too!  If enough of us suggest it then hopefully they’ll do it!


I’ll keep this page updated if I find any Lynx codes for Animal Jam.  It’s rare, but sometimes they do release codes for animals!  If you do know of any Lynx codes, please share them in the comments!

  1. Hello! I’m an animal-loving child who loves to play animal jam. The animal I have wanted most was a lynx, but to my dismay when I got the membership, the lynx was not in the stores! I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me the lynx!

    My username is Blizzardheart12 and I am under 13 and over 10, the perfect age for animal jam memberships and dreams coming true! I might appear as a wolf, cougar, snow leopard, cheetah, or dolphin! I might have a cat or lynx pet. My characters are usually natural colored.

    Thank you very much for your time, and please respond soon! You’re the best!


  2. can yall please give me free member ship my parents dont have hat kind of money to do it username racewolf1

  3. I really need a free member ship my account in animal jam is super99600

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