Animal Jam Membership Benefits

Hi Jammers! We know that you love playing Animal Jam, as you do not need to pay for any memberships in order to have access to a large part of the game. Sometimes parents do not want to pay for their child to get a membership to online games, even if they are educational like Animal Jam, since they believe it promotes children sitting in front of the computer instead of being outside and playing. While it is true that you should spend time outside playing instead of being on the computer, educational websites like Animal Jam do offer a lot of benefits if you decide to become a member.

One of the biggest benefits of being a member in Animal Jam is that you will have access to all of the animals in Jamaa. While you can get a lot of animals in the game even if you are not a paying member, there are some animals that are for members only, and some of the animals require diamonds to purchase, which is also something you get more of if you are a paying member.

Speaking of diamonds, having a membership to Animal Jam gives you a weekly diamond membership gift. This often times is a specific amount of diamonds or sometimes you will get something that is only able to be purchased using the diamonds.

You will also be able to customize and adopt all of the virtual pets in Jamaa, which again, might come from you getting a certain amount of diamonds in order to purchase the virtual pets. While you get many virtual pets without being a paid member, some of them require diamonds to purchase and some are only for members, so getting the membership allows you the ability to buy and customize all of the pets.

You also will be able to access the member-only parties and adventures, which are designed for the paying group of players. While you might feel left out not being a paid member, this is really one of the best perks of being a paid member because there are exclusive parties and adventures that come with the membership.

You also will have access to all of the dens and accessories in Animal Jam if you get a membership. Even the non-paying members enjoy quite a few accessories and dens, but there are exclusive member-only items out there that you will then be able to use, and some of them are really nice.

  1. In getting membership for Christmas the three animal, pet, set, an den deal. Can’t wait.

  2. I’m not a member yet Ok!😇

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