Animal Jam Membership Giveaway – July

Now that school is out for the summer, don’t you wish you had an Animal Jam membership to enjoy?  Well you’re in luck!  We’re giving away another 3 month Animal Jam membership card this month.

The winner of the June membership giveaway has been chosen.  Be sure to check your emails because you’ll receive a message if you’re the winner!

For the July membership giveaway, the winner will receive a 3 month membership code that includes 6000 gems and 10 diamonds.  So if there’s an animal in the Diamond Shop that you’ve had your eyes on, here’s your chance to get it!


Entering the giveaway is easy.  Just share this contest with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.  You can find the sharing links at the bottom of this page underneath the giveaway rules.  You must share this giveaway on social media before you can see the entry form.

I’ll select the winner of the July giveaway at the end of this month and will announce the winner during the first week of August.  You’ll receive an email if you win, so make sure you use your real email to sign up!

The membership giveaway winner will have one week to respond to my email.  I will have to select another winner if I don’t hear back from you in that time.  You don’t want to lose your chance to win a membership for the summer!

I think everyone should have a chance to play Animal Jam as a member so that’s why I do these giveaways.  Hopefully a 3 month Animal Jam membership will make your summer even better!

How to Enter the Giveaway

Step 1: Click the Twitter, Facebook, or G+ icon below to share this contest with your friends.  This will reveal the giveaway entry form.

Step 2: Enter your name and email address in the entry form below.

Step 3: Click “Submit Query” and your entry will be submitted to the giveaway.  That’s it!

  1. plz can u just plz give me the membership plz i get bullied sometimes plz just give it to me plz
    we cant afford it i always convince my family but always no plz just give me membership:c
    plz just give it too me i just want it:,c

  2. can i enter because i want the member ship because i miss my member ship and i cant access any of my previous
    animals, thank you

  3. i need the srtic wolf and fox and falcon and eagle wat are the code

  4. hi guys im back but a membership is hard to win i never one one but make sure to try and go to new codes to see my comments to get a membership by the way i am buell4 buddy me and have fun!

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