Animal Jam Mystical Armor Codes

The Mystical Armor is the newest kind of armor to come to the Diamond Shop in Animal Jam.  This enchanting green colored armor is sure to make any of your animals look awesome!  You can buy the entire Mystical Armor set from the Diamond Shop for 9 diamonds total.  You can also buy each individual Mystical Armor items for the prices listed below.


Mystical Armor

Price: 3 Diamonds


Mystical Helmet

Price: 2 Diamonds


Mystical Tail Armor

Price: 2 Diamonds


Mystical Amulet

Price: 1 Diamond


Mystical Gauntlets

Price: 1 Diamond


The only way I know how to get the Mystical Armor right now is by buying it from the Diamond Shop.  Hopefully Animal Jam will release some codes to unlock the Mystical Armor because 9 Diamonds is a lot to spend on armor!  You could start by saving up and buying one piece of Mystical Armor at a time but that’s still going to take a while.

I’ll update this page as soon as I find more ways to get the Mystical Armor for free.  If you know of any codes to get the Mystical Armor then please let me know in the comments!  The Mystical Armor is one of my favorite Diamond Shop armor sets to come out so it’d be cool to see more Jammers with it!

  1. Can u put the code of the artic wolf

  2. Btw dpnt open chest is just a myth…

  3. The cost of the full set of mystic armor
    is outrageous and its not worth it…
    But I really like it and my old set
    set got scammed and I wont
    bother getting another set.
    The best way to gt mystic armor
    is TFD (The Forgotten Desert.)

  4. I really like this armor it’s pretty 😀

  5. None of those codes work (of course). i dont know any codes but this is a pretty good website to find them……
    Gift me for my mailtime im Doodlebug485 🙂

  6. mystical codes:

  7. why cant everything be for everyone and guys I think new animal in snow storm pic is platypus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. free account

  9. Another code for one diamond is twelve

  10. excuse me im not harsh but another code to add on is ajbday4

  11. where r ones for this month?……

  12. can u put out more codes please? i think that u should also come out with a new claw at the diamond shop, thats all!

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