Animal Jam Owl Codes

The wait is over, owls just arrived to Jamaa yesterday!  These have been one of the most highly anticipated animals yet.  Pet owls arrived a couple months ago but now you can get one for your main animal too.


I wasn’t sure how I felt about the owls until I got one today.  They’re pretty cool!  The owls are a bit smaller than the eagles, just like in real life.  They look pretty neat though when they’re flying around over Jamaa.


You can access the Royal Ridge shop with your owl too which is nice.  I haven’t gotten a chance to customize mine yet but I will definitely do it over the weekend!  There’s a new exhibit at the Chamber of Knowledge where you can check out the new owl minibook too.


Like every other new animal, the owls are available for purchase at the Diamond Shop for the price of 10 diamonds.  It would be nice if they made one of the new animals for non-members too for  once but it doesn’t seem like AJHQ is going to do that 🙁


If you want to get an owl, you need to be a member and have 10 diamonds saved up to buy it.  I’m hoping that they will release some codes to get owls soon.  I think it’d be neat if they did some kind of challenge or competition and then rewarded players with an owl code for completing it!


Until something like that happens, we can still wait for some owl codes to come out.  If anyone knows of any codes for owls then please post them in the comments!  I’ll be sure to add them to this page so everyone can enjoy them.  I think every Jammer should have access to at least one flying animal and the owl would be a cool one for everyone to have!  Imagine seeing Jamaa Township flooded with owls.  We could all travel around like were migrating!

I’ll keep this page updated with any updates about owls including if any codes are released.  Check back soon!

  1. thease are the things i wish to have in aj

    1. a flying animal for gems

    2. a animal for non members

  2. I think t here should be a nonmembers only unicorn or something similar like a nonmembers only party

  3. this is 2016 lol, im a member but I have the 5 dollar membership and I have no owl lol,just to make it fair for the other people

  4. OK plc give me a black spike

  5. I thought this was suppose to give me a code for a free owl I am a member so I will just buy one.

  6. And I have lots of codes some are tojam , ajrocks,pets,outback,ajbday5,twelve,NGKjammim, the last one I will give you is 10 million it gets you million things I thank members thing

  7. Hey oostaticx5koo I can give you rare things member and non member any one who wants good things buddy me I’m member user butler20

  8. me too buddy me plz my username is ilovebae4life and cutekoalas4ever

  9. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  10. i really want 100 diamonds plz ajhq i got scammed

  11. Will someone please make me a membership account?My username will be 00Hollystar00 and my password will be ms8405.PLEASE make it a 12 month membership.Thank you.

  12. AJHQ pls make a flying animal for non-members my mum only let me get 1 month so I couldn’t get any diamonds. 🙁 I rlly want a eagle but I have 0 diamonds. Plssssss make a flying animal for non-members! MAKE IT WORTH 1000 gems or 2000 ORRRRRR 1 diamond pls

  13. My mom let me have a membership over the summer and when it expired and it took everything away from me she got mad and now I don’t think ill be getting a membership anytime soon. BTW my username is lovedove9405 and on my other account it is paloma12383. Buddy me!

  14. i am member but i have no diamonds and if you send me a jam-a-gram saying an eagle code i will give you chicken hat 🙂

  15. Everybody says that they should have a new non-member animal. I do agree, but the point of the game is to get a membership. It has access to everything. You buy it, which that money goes into programming the game for EVERYONE. So be happy were not at the beta days. Animal Jam would have shut down over a couple of months. Also, about a quarter and a bit goes to WILDLIFE. The actual point is that they save the wildlife. That means panthers, jaguars, rhinos, snow leopards etc. wont die so soon. We get pixels, and they save something REALLY important 🙂
    P.S Sorry if this is long

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