Animal Jam Phantom Armor Codes

There’s a new set of armor available for Jammers to wear around Jamaa.  It’s called the Phantom Armor and it looks pretty awesome!  According to the Jamaa Journal, the only way to get this new Phantom Armor is by beating the Search for Greely Adventure on Hard mode but hopefully there will be other ways too!


I’m really hoping that Animal Jam will come out with some codes for the Phantom Armor because the Search for Greely adventure is really tough to beat on hard mode!  Plus if you’re not a member you wont be able to play the adventure anyways.

If anyone knows of any codes to unlock the Phantom Armor please post them in the comments and I’ll add them to this page!  Also if you know any good cheats to make the Search for Greely adventure easier those would be great too!

This page will be here for any Phantom Armor information.  If you have anything you want to add to this page let me know!

  1. plz tell us the phantom armor codes i really want the full armor set by the way i am theif18

  2. I have an armor and the gauntlets, im completing the set, jag and add me if you want to offer. Thanks! By the way im mcpegirl29 :3

  3. pls tell me codes for phantom armor in ajpw! User is KittyPudding

  4. I want all the phantom armor

  5. Plz help me get phantom set and black spike collar and pink long user Amly17 or amly10 ty if do

  6. clothes phantom

  7. can someone give me a code for phantom items my user is: cookiekitten98 i really need some items

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