Animal Jam Phoenix Armor Codes

As some of you know, the Phoenix Armor set was removed from the Diamond Shop a few weeks ago.  Since you can’t buy it there anymore, I thought I’d make a page where Jammers can list any Phoenix armor codes if they know any!

One of the very first special armor sets in Jamaa was the phoenix armor.  It was available for sale at the Diamond Shop for 9 gems total.  That’s kinda a lot of gems, you can buy a new animal for 10 gems!


The phoenix armor is one of the most eye catching armor sets in Jamaa because well, it’s on fire!  I think the phoenix armor looks good on just about any animal.  When I find phoenix armor codes I’ll post them below!

Phoenix Armor – 3 Diamonds


Phoenix Helmet – 2 Diamonds


Phoenix Tail Armor – 2 Diamonds


Phoenix Amulet – 1 Diamond


Phoenix Leg Armor – 1 Diamond


So as you can see, the whole phoenix armor set costs 9 diamonds total.  That’s more than most Jammers have to spend so hopefully they come out with some codes!  If you know of any codes to get the phoenix armor please post them in the comments and I’ll add them to the page!

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