Animal Jam Play Wild App Released for All iOS Devices

Attention iOS device owners!  Animal Jam Play Wild has finally been released for all iOS devices.  That’s right, iPhone and iPod Touch users can now get Play Wild for free!


Play Wild is available for free in the iTunes Store and now works on any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher.  You can download the game completely free but there are some in-game purchases available for special animals and items.


Unfortunately for android users like myself, we’ll just have to keep waiting until they release Play Wild for Android.  Hopefully it will be soon since it’s now available for every iOS device.  I thought it was strange that they beta tested Play Wild with Android users but then released it for iOS first!?  Very weird.

Anyways I’m really excited to get Play Wild and I’m going to have to borrow my brother’s iPhone to play until I can get it on Android.  If you are lucky enough to have an iOS device, go get Play Wild today and let me know what you think!


That’s the latest news we have for Animal Jam Play Wild.  All iOS users can now enjoy the game for free.  Check back soon for more Play Wild guides and any updates on when it will be coming to Android!

  1. i dont know why is my animal jam not opening

  2. i rlly want to be unsunspened from aniaml jam i dont know how i got banned in the first place XD

  3. I want 12-month membership and a unique backpack please

  4. Paly wild @5 daimonds

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