Animal Jam Play Wild Mobile App for Android & iOS

At the beginning of 2014, we first heard the news that Animal Jam would be coming to mobile devices like Android and iOS.  Nat Geo has already made a couple of mobile apps like Tunnel Town and AJ Jump, but they have yet to release a full version of Animal Jam for mobile.  We haven’t heard much news on Animal Jam mobile since 2014, until now…


Last week there was an article published that confirmed the coming release of Animal Jam Play Wild for mobile and gave some additional details on how the game will work.  First of all, it looks like the app will be called “Play Wild” and will be released some time in April 2015.

Play Wild will have many of the same features as the browser version of Animal Jam that we all know.  The map appears to be the same as the online version of Animal Jam, although they don’t have all of the areas added to the beta version yet.

Many Jammers will be happy to hear that Play Wild will NOT have a membership subscription like the online Animal Jam has.  Instead, players will be able to purchase individual animals for a rumored cost of $1.99 per animal.  Some animals will also be available for free to all players.

Current Jammers will be able to login using their Animal Jam username although it’s unclear which animals and items will transfer from Animal Jam to Play Wild.  I’m guessing that everyone will still need to purchase additional characters if they want them, but we will see.

Now, onto the even more exciting part!  In early January, Nat Geo released a Beta version of Play Wild for Android users to test out.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an Android device but I was able to view some of the reviews and screenshots from players that got in on the beta.  Thank you to Snappy Dresser and Mimi5000 for sharing their experiences!

If you have an Android device and are interested in signing up for the beta version of Play Wild, click here to sign up.  If you are selected, they will send you the information for how to download Play Wild onto your device.  I’m not sure how long the beta testing will last but it’s worth a shot to sign up and be one of the first Jammers to get Play Wild!

Play Wild Beta Screenshots


This is the proposed map layout for Animal Jam Play Wild.  As I mentioned above, it’s pretty much identical to the Animal Jam map but not as detailed.  You also will probably notice that there are no water areas yet and Kimbara Outback is not pictured.  I’m guessing they will add these areas eventually and maybe even some new ones too!


Here’s another shot of the Play Wild game map.  It looks like you can zoom in on different areas to get a more detailed look at how they look.


When you first start playing Play Wild, you’ll have to select an animal at the beginning.  The Bunny, Monkey, and Wolf are the only characters available in the beta so far.  Rumor has it that the game will arrive with 7 different animals available and more will be added over time.


Here’s another screenshot of the Play Wild animals.  This one is from Nat Geo and not from the beta version.  As you can see, the Fox, Panda, and Tiger are also available here.  It looks like the Fox will be a premium character that needs to be purchased using money.  The premium or diamond animals will each come with a special ebook with information about that species.


Once you choose your animal, you’ll be able to customize them with special colors, designs and items, just like in Animal Jam!


As you can see here, there are plenty of different ways you can customize your animals in Play Wild.


There are also tons of items you can buy, just like in the browser version of Animal Jam.  The items list in the beta version is pretty small but I’m sure it will grow over time.


When you login to Play Wild, you’ll see a version of the Jamaa Journal.  I’m guessing it will look similar to the Animal Jam version but will probably have some different news based on what’s going on in Play Wild.


One thing that I’m very excited about with Play Wild is that you’ll be able to explore the world of Jamaa in 3D.  Instead of just getting an overhead view of Jamaa, it’s a more in-depth view so it seems like you’re actually there!


Here’s an inside view of Club Geoz.  How neat is that?!


Stores in Jamaa also feature the full 3D views so you’ll be able to explore them even further.


I just love how Play Wild looks in 3D if you haven’t noticed already!  Doesn’t Coral Canyons look awesome with all of the plants and everything in 3d?!


Jammers will also be able to have a den in Play Wild.  I don’t think it will be the same as your Animal Jam den though.  You’ll probably have to make a new one from scratch, but that’s part of the fun!


Last but not least, some of the mini-games from Animal Jam will be available in Play Wild.  Here’s a screenshot of the Falling Phantoms game.  It’s unclear which games will be included in Play Wild but hopefully they will add some new ones too!

Here are some more screenshots I found from Play Wild.







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