Animal Jam Polar Bears

Polar Bears are one of the newest animals to come to the Diamond Shop in Animal Jam.  They arrived in Jamaa on November 20th 2014 and are available at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Just like all of the new animals and items, Polar Bears are only available to Animal Jam members at this time.


Polar bears are one of the few animals in Animal Jam that can access both land and water areas which is pretty cool.  Of course their favorite place to hang out is at Mt Shiveer but even the arctic animals can’t resist a getaway to Crystal Sands or the Kimbara Outback!


There are also pet polar bears now to accompany your main polar bear animals.  Having a mom or dad polar bear with a baby following is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in Jamaa!  What’s your favorite pet to have with your polar bear?


10 diamonds is kind of a lot to save up for an animal even if you have a membership it will take 10 weeks to save up enough diamonds!  There has only been one diamond code that I’ve heard of and it is the “twelve” code.  I’m pretty sure it’s expired now but some Jammers have said it still works for them, so it might be worth a try!


Polar Bear Codes

I’ve received a lot of messages and comments asking if there are any codes for polar bears.  Some of you who have been playing Animal Jam for a long time will remember back when AJHQ would give out codes for different animals like the lion, snow leopard, and other animals.


As of right now, I haven’t heard of any new codes that will give you a polar bear but if you know of any codes please leave them in comments!  That way other Jammers will be able to enjoy polar bears too.  It’s too bad that Animal Jam makes all of the new animals member-only but I guess that’s how they have to make money.  Hopefully someone can find some polar bear codes so everyone can get one!


  1. my animal jam account is halloween12344
    and i made one for my friend their’s is nickyomg5020
    but she might want me to make her a new account idk

  2. hey mine is starman809

  3. HEY, my username is Carasul. Jag me if you will be willing to give me a headdress. THX


  5. can i please please pleas got a headdress it’s my favorite thing i’m not member right now boot i be later thanks

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    i also play MovieStarPlanet and i have VIP so add me on that aswell: cool7175

    if you can plz message me a Membership code plz!

    Tysm (Thank you so much)

  7. Im realy in need of a spike plese I dont care color/size or anything wrist or spike collar all my friends have one of those but i dont i am, girrar4!

  8. holy cow mine no way polar bears even exist in this game

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