Animal Jam Rares

What Are Animal Jam Rares?

Rare Items are items in Animal Jam that are labeled “Rare”. What makes them so rare? No one can really pinpoint that, but it sure does make them special!

You know an item is officially rare if they have a golden tag on them. They say “Rare”. Any item without that tag is NOT Rare, so do not fall for tricks and scams.


This is an example of a “Rare” item. As you can see, there is a clear label calling it Rare.

There are tons of rare items in Animal Jam. New ones are always coming in, and some Rare Items are worth more than others. Let’s take a look to see what these Rares are.

How to Get Animal Jam Rares

You can get Rare Items in lots of different ways. The most common ways to get these items are by:

  • Winning them in Adventures
  • Trading
  • Rare Item Mondays (See below)
  • Special Events

Rare Item Mondays

Rare Item Mondays are exactly what they sound like: Rare Items on a Monday! This doesn’t mean everyone busts out wearing their Rare Items on Mondays, although feel free to do so if you feel like it! No, I’m talking about releasing a Rare Item on Mondays! Every Monday, Animal Jam puts out a Rare Item somewhere in stores, and it’s up to us Jammers to find what it is! It can be Members Only, or for All Jammers. It can be on land, or underwater. Its only in stores for one day! So be sure to get it if you can, because who knows when the next time it will come out?

Here are a few examples of Rare Item Mondays:


Leap Year Day Festivities

Although this only happened once, Leap Year Day Parties still remain an important party for All Jammers. How come? It only came out ONCE, on a Leap Year! Why was it so important? All the items in the stores were Rare!


This is what the Party looked like!


These items are now all Rare!

Get Rarer Every Day!

So, now that you know about Rare Items, get out there and get them! If you don’t know where to start, try looking up to see some ways you can get them! Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a lot of Rare Items!


  1. This is a good website for New Jammers, and people who are stuck on things! Thank you so much Animal Jam World!

  2. I really think animal jam needs more nonmemebr items its not fair that members have more, not even i am a member! Ajhq if you see this comment please PLEASE do it (animal jam 2019) hey, and also do the repete bubble thing whatever for nonmembrs it really helps,

  3. What is club geoz hat worth? In ajpw 2019

  4. How do you get the items you do after when it said lemonskittlez09 you have items in your inventory on animal jam .com

  5. how to get a DJ headset in animal jam play wild? BC I have like five raccoon tails you know so ya… :/

    • oh and by the way I’m a Japanese girl so that way it a 2am and mine was a 11am so ya 🙂

    • it was a secret idea you got when you clicked on the broken building of club geoz

  6. How do I get sapphires other than playing games and the code twelve i am SO TIRED of seeing that code be used.

  7. ok so this you guys wanna know how do you get gems but my quesion is how to get shepheds???

  8. when will the next be coming

  9. how to get all rares and membership 🙁

    • It takes a while to get all the best rares; it took me a year to get my first rare long. But if you keep working on that, it will add up slowly. My tip is to open a plsuhie shop. You can ask for one rare each, it works. Trade a BUNCH of rares, like 10 or 12 for a den beta. 4 den Betas for a wrist. you should search it up from there because difrent colors have diffrent worths.

      And for the membership, the only real way is to either buy it or earn a week of it from refer a freind. Most people that claim to be able to get free membership are lying. And NEVER try to hack it beacuse that is both wrong and can get you banned. Also, word of advice, never give out your password even if they offer you free rares and/or membership.

      Hope that helped ^.^

  10. have fun in animal jam ppl good day jammers

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