Animal Jam Refund Policy

Hey Jammers! We know you probably are having fun playing Animal Jam, but sometimes you might end up in a situation where you have to contact Animal Jam regarding a refund. Here are some good tips you should know just in case you have to request a refund, and what you can request a refund for.

General Policy

The general refund policy is that all requests received within 7 days of the initial purchase can get a full refund, including the automatically-renewing membership. No refunds are given though after 7 days of initial purchase date.

Unauthorized Purchases

Yes you can get refunds for unauthorized purchases, such as charges on your credit card. Refund requests within 30 days of the initial purchase are eligible for the full refund, but you must have logged into the player account three or less times during this period. There will be no refunds given after the 30 days have passed from date of purchase, or if the account has been used four or more times during that time. It is important to know that the unauthorized purchase policy only applies to the initial purchase and does not cover the automatically-renewing charges.

Duplicate Order Policy

Sometimes there are duplicate purchases, which are often duplicate charges, and you must ask for a refund request within 45 days of the initial purchase, and then you will get a full refund. If you have seen a duplicate order then you need to contact and you will only get the refund in the initial form of payment. This means you cannot get the payment in a different credit card or via any different method of payment. If you have used a credit card that has been canceled or expired then you cannot get a refund.

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