Animal Jam Royal Armor Set

The Royal Armor set was added to the Diamond Shop in November of 2016.  The majestic armor set is fit for a king or queen!

The royal armor items can be purchased at the Diamond Shop.  Like most of the items at the Diamond Shop, it is for members only.  To buy the whole royal armor set it will cost you 9 diamonds so it’s kind of expensive.  It looks really cool though!

If you’re trying to dress to impress then I’d say look no further than the royal armor set.  The gold and jewels sparkle in the sun which really makes this armor look special.  You can see it coming from a ways away!  Here’s how it looks in the Diamond Shop.

The Royal Armor set has 5 different pieces of armor which each cost 1-3 diamonds.  Save up your diamonds and you can wear the whole set like true royalty!

Royal Crown

Royal Amulet

Royal Cloak

Royal Gauntlets

Royal Tail Armor

The royal armor set is really a one of a kind armor collection that will make any Jammer look great!  It can be hard to save up diamonds so I’ll try to help with some ways that you can get the royal armor set.

The first way to get the royal armor in Animal Jam would be to trade with another Jammer who has it.  Who knows, maybe you have some items they want and will make a trade!  It never hurts to ask as long as you are polite and don’t pressure them into trading.  Feel free to post here in the comments if you have or are looking for the royal armor.

Another way to get royal armor would be to find a code for it.  There are occasionally codes released for new items and other cool prizes.  It doesn’t happen very often but if you find any codes for the royal armor please share them in the comments and I’ll add them here!

Thanks for reading!  What is your favorite armor set in Animal Jam?!

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