Animal Jam Sheep Codes, Pictures & Video

Sheep arrived to the Diamond Shop in Jamaa in February of 2017.  These soft barnyard animals caught everyone by surprise when they were announced earlier in the year.  I don’t think anyone was expecting sheep!

Like all new animals, sheep are only available for members and cost 10 diamonds to buy.  AJHQ does this to encourage players to buy a membership to get the newest animals.  If you are looking for a membership, check out my guide for how to get one free or enter one of our membership giveaways!

Now lets see what the new sheep look like!  When you go inside the Diamond Shop, you can view the sheep by clicking on the statue in the middle of the room.  Sheep cost 10 diamonds so start saving if you want to get one soon!

When I first started playing as the sheep, I started laughing when I saw how they hop around to get places.  They just bounce the whole way there! :p

Sheep also have a cool “play” trick where they will jump over a fence.  I guess all of that hopping around helps them build some pretty sweet jumping skills!

The easiest way to get all of the newest Animal Jam animals is to get a membership but that’s not an option for all Jammers.  Membership can be expensive so I understand why not everyone has one.  That’s why I try to help by doing giveaways and making guides to help players get membership for free.

As many of you have heard, there are sometimes special codes to unlock Diamond Shop animals like the sheep.  This doesn’t happen very often and it usually doesn’t happen with the brand new animals.  It may take some time for sheep codes to come out.  As of right now, I don’t know of any sheep codes for Animal Jam but I will keep this page updated if I hear of any.

Another possible way to get a sheep code would be to try the Animal Jam Box subscription service.  You can read more about it here.  Jammers who get the Animal Jam box received exclusive codes to unlock rare items and even animals.  I have not signed up for the box yet so I can’t say for sure, but there’s a chance you might get a sheep code!

Do you know of any codes for sheep or creative ways to get them?!  Please share in the comments if you do.  Thanks for reading!

  1. please give me a sheep I have no saphire animals so if You could u will make my life.

    Bye: gråce 17

  2. Hello my user is fuzzythepuppy1224 and I hope I get the giveaway i play ajpw and sometimes get on pc but it’s rare. I’m not very rare or beta and I hope and beg u for a giveaway! Please and thank you!!


  3. pls give me a sheep im a nm and I REALLY want a member animal user bunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn with 17 n’s

  4. I need a sheep all my friends have one but i understand if you can’t

  5. Please I need a sheep they r adorable. I hv sheep on play wid and i would rlly like one on computer
    Username: milkchock

  6. hay can i have a sheep 2

  7. PLSS give me a sheep

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