Animal Jam Snow Leopard Codes

Snow Leopards are some of the rarest and most wanted animals found in Animal Jam.  A lot of Jammers ask where they can find Snow Leopard codes to unlock one of these majestic animals.  Snow Leopards were introduced to Animal Jam in November 2012 and at first you could only get them with the purchase of a three month membership card.


How to Get a Snow Leopard Code

The Snow Leopard membership cards were exclusively sold at Target stores which made it hard for some Jammers to get the cards.  If your town didn’t have a Target store, then you couldn’t get a Snow Leopard in Animal Jam.  Each 3 month membership card sold at Target had a special code on it that the player would enter to get the Snow Leopard.  These special membership cards looked like the one pictured below.


Animal Jam realized that it wasn’t really fair to just give Snow Leopards to players nears Target stores so in 2013 they created the Diamond Shop.  As many of you know, the Diamond Shop is located in Jamaa Township and sells all kinds of special and rare items and animals, including the Snow Leopard.  Now any player with a membership can purchase a Snow Leopard by spending their diamonds.


The Snow Leopard is available for 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop so save up if you’re looking to buy one!  There are still some membership gift cards out there that have Snow Leopard codes too so that’s another way you can get one.  The easiest way is to save up your diamonds though…


If you happen to know of any working Snow Leopard codes, please leave them in the comments for other Jammers to use!  I know there are still some working codes out there, let’s use this page to help others out with finding them!

  1. im looking in the comments just to find the snow leopard shoes code ;-;

  2. when will giraffes be returning?

  3. Hi Guys if you are looking for snow leopard I have good news :3 They are returning this month so get your member ships ready ;D

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