Animal Jam Diamond Encrusted Armor Codes

The newest armor set to come to the Diamond Shop is called the Diamond Encrusted Armor and you’ll see why it’s called that in a second!  This diamond encrusted new gold armor set is sure to catch player’s eyes around Jamaa.

I really like this new armor set because it’s different from the other armor sets that have been around.  It’s much more flashy and fancy looking!  I think it makes the animals look like royalty!


Right now, the Diamond Encrusted Armor is only available at the Diamond Shop.  You can purchase the entire Diamond Encrusted Armor set for a total of 9 diamonds.

Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Armor

Price: 3 Diamonds


Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Helmet

Price: 2 Diamonds


Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor

Price: 2 Diamonds


Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Amulet

Price: 1 Diamond


Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets

Price: 1 Diamond


Since the Diamond Encrusted Sparkling Armor is still pretty new, there may not be any codes to get it for free yet but that’s why I made this page.  There is a way to get at least one diamond for free by using the code twelve.  Hopefully AJHQ will release some more diamond codes or even a sparkling armor code soon!


If you know of any Sparkling Armor codes for the diamond encrusted armor, please share them in the comments!  I’m sure there are lots of other Jammers that would appreciate the codes!

  1. Anybody that can trade me a lightning helmet? My user is amazingberry12!

  2. Can you please give me some diamonds?
    And the armor set. Or just give me the code for it. Thanks

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