Animal Jam Toucan Pics, Codes & Video

The Toucan is the newest animal to come to Jamaa in November 2016.  I just got one so I thought I’d show you all what they look like!


Now that there have been a few different kinds of flying animals added to the Diamond Shop, let’s see how the toucans are different from the others.  First off, they look a little smaller than the other birds, especially the eagles.


Toucans can be bought at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  Almost every new animal costs 10 diamonds when it comes out and is available for members only.  This can be frustrating for non-members but hopefully I can help you find a way to get one!


Members get one free diamond every week and a diamond bonus when they first sign up.  If you already have a membership, save up your diamonds each week and you’ll have enough for a Toucan!

If you don’t have a membership yet, check out our guide for how to get a free membership!  You can also enter in one of our membership giveaways.  We’re giving away a 3 month Animal Jam membership at the end of the year!  Click the link in the sidebar to enter.

Now back to the Toucan!  They look pretty small in the game and they don’t fly very fast.  They kind of just float around.


They do have a pretty cool play move where they throw a ball up in the air and catch it.  It was hard to get a picture of it but you can see it in the video on this page.


Now the question everyone is asking is if there are any Toucan codes for Animal Jam.  As of right now, I have not heard of any codes for the Toucan.  Your best option would be to get a membership by following the guide I posted above or entering one of our giveaways.

However, there was recently a new thing released by AJHQ that may contain codes for animals.  Some of you may have read in the Jamaa Journal this week about an Animal Jam Box.  It’s a quarterly subscription program that delivers you a box of Animal Jam goodies every 3 months.

There isn’t much information out there yet about the boxes but come back for more info.  Could they contain Toucan codes?  We will find out and report back!

  1. How can i earn sapphirses? 3000 sapphires. Plz tell me how. Plz plz plz!

  2. Do the codes work

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