Animal Jam Watches

Nowadays, many people tell the time by looking at the clock on their smartphones. Back in the day, before smartphones were a thing, people used to wear watches. Do you own a watch? If you do, and you are a Jammer, I have some great news for you! AJHQ has introduced the new Animal Jam Watches, and they look absolutely awesome. Let’s see what they are all about!

AJHQ announced the Animal Jam Watches on October 18, 2018. They come in two variants; the AJ Emoji themed Watch and the Phantom themed Watch. In the picture above, you can see what both of the watches look like. The clock itself is digital, and consists of LED lights.

Where to Buy Animal Jam Watches

The Animal Jam Watches are both being sold on Amazon. The AJ Emoji themed Watch can be found here. The Phantom themed Watch can be found here.

Currently, both watches cost $6.99. However, you will have to pay shipping on top of that. If you do not live in the US, you can still buy the watches on Amazon. You should keep in mind that international shipping can be quite expensive. It is not yet clear if there will be other kinds of AJ watches, or if they will be sold anywhere else but on Amazon.

What is Included with the Animal Jam Watch?

Both watches come with some extra goodies! Did you know that you get an exclusive in-game code, which you can redeem? That’s right! When you purchase an Animal Jam Watch, you will get a code that you can redeem to receive a promotional gift in the game!

When you buy an Animal Jam Watch, you get:

  • A Digital Watch
  • A Silicone Strap
  • A Watch Case
  • An Exclusive In-game Code

Animal Jam Watches Codes

Many physical Animal Jam items come with exclusive codes. The AJ watches are no exception to that fact. When you purchase either one of the watches, you get an exclusive in-game code. Redeeming that code will reward you with a promotional gift. Since the watches are quite new, it is difficult to find any information about what kind of item you will actually receive as a gift.

If you own an Animal Jam Watch, let us know what kind of promotional gift you received by leaving a comment below. Share with us when and how you purchased the watch as well!

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