Animal Jam’s 3rd Birthday & Other News!

So if you’ve logged into Animal Jam today you’ve seen that it’s Animal Jam’s 3rd birthday!



There is an Animal Jam birthday party and even a birthday gift for all users!



Just enter the code AJBDAY3 to get a birthday cake as a gift when you login.



In other exciting news, the medical center is now open in the Kimbara Outback!



It’s just like a real doctors office and even has bandages that you can buy for your animal.


From the looks of it, I think the medical center is a pretty popular area!



There have also been some updates to the Animal Jam Adventures. Now you can invite your friends to play adventures with you! There’s also an Adventures shop where you can buy cool items like phantoms in cages.



Finally, you also may have noticed that the leaves are changing colors in Jamaa. It’s officially fall now!



Take a look at the new updates for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. I am so glad animal jam has made some updates! I can’t wait for the Day of the phatoms!!!!

    • i’m glad too nottaig in the word would make me haaaaaaapyer than aj i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad it was made and i found out of it

  2. OMG your like a life saver you let everyone know what is happening

  3. Cool!!!! But do you have any membership cards that I can have for free? I am really not good at the games on animaljam so I could really use it!!!!! Also, friend me I am: islandofadventure

  4. I wish i was a member, cause then i could buy the snow leopard and get awesome stuff from the medical centre!

  5. Do you know that I Elephants on animal jam will be trotting back to Jamaa soon so get redy for the grand final

  6. Yay! Animal jam’s new update’s are just AWESOME this site is defiantly going on my favorites!

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