Animal Word Art Winners Announced

Today the Animal Word Art winners were announced as part of the Animal Jam Jammer Art competition. There were five Jammers that Animal Jam has decided were good enough to be featured on the Daily Explorer page for their Animal World Art submissions. Congratulations to Sparkle Fancyclaw, Lucy Magicpaw, Miss Icyrose, Sparkle Icymoon, and Enchanted Arcticclaw.

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These five Jammers are going to not only be featured on the Daily Explorer, but they will all get a cool plaque for their den to show off their artwork submission and skills. The next topic is going to be animals with treasure and back to school. You can enter this competition by submitting your artwork, and you too could be featured on the Daily Explorer and also get a plaque for your den. Remember that if you submit a piece of artwork, you cannot have personal information on your art, and you need to submit something that goes with the topics animals with treasure and back to school.

Animal Jam is also adding another part to the contest, which is that there will be honorable mentions that will be featured in Jammer Central. So even if you are not one of the five people featured on Daily Explorer for the upcoming topics, you can end up on the honorable mentions sections. Again, congratulations to the recent winners and you will notice that each of the winners has a great viewpoint of the topic of Animal Word, and all of the artwork is very unique. Jammers from all over the world can submit their artwork and this contest is open right now, so head on over and submit your artwork today!

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  1. Hi I goin to start a challenge of ho has the bests clothes but for only articwolf grial

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