How Animals Keep Warm-Learn More in AJ Academy

Hey Jammers! Animal Jam Academy has a new lesson for you, which is on how animals keep warm. The snow leopards have come back into Jamaa, and it is because of this that there is the lesson about how animals keep warm.

animals stay warm

The snow leopards are often found in the mountains of Central Asia, and they can live in cold environments due to a number of features on their bodies. They have been able to adapt because they have fur covering their feet, which are like snowshoes that people in Alaska wear to keep warm. Their long tail is also useful because it can be wrapped around their body to keep warm, and it also helps keep the snow leopards balanced. The snow leopards also have a lot of thick fur all over their body, and this helps keep them warm as well.

For the experiment you need a thermometer and some mittens. First, you need to take the temperature of the air outside and then write that down. Then, take the thermometer and place it into the mitten to measure that temperature, and you should write this down as well. After that, place your hand inside of the glove and then pay attention to what you notice with the temperature, is it colder or warmer? This is very similar to the snow leopards because the mitten insulates your body temperature, which means it keeps your body heat from getting out when it’s cold outside. This is the same premise as the animals because it’s like they wear a mitten on their bodies, which helps insulate the body heat and keep them warm.

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