Hey Jammers! My Late Introduction…

Hello everyone!  I’m AntAnimal.  This is my website that I created a few months ago and I realized that I never even introduced myself!  I’m in 7th grade and have been playing Animal Jam for about 2 years now.  In my free time I like to play Animal Jam (of course), work on this website, play video games, watch TV, and go fishing.


Animal Jam is definitely my favorite game which is why I made this site!  My username is AntAnimal so feel free to add me on Animal Jam 🙂  I usually play in the afternoons and evenings.  My favorite animal right now is the koala and my favorite area is the new Kimbara Outback.  I am hoping to get a membership soon so I can make guides for all of the members-only stuff!

I hope you all have found some useful information on here.  If there’s anything you can think of that you want a guide for, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out!  I’m going to try to be more active with replying to comments too.  Thanks for checking out my website, keep on Jammin!


  1. so i am smartvine and my name is sydney pasterdon and i am 14 i 9th grade i am nm and i am a really cool kid i baby sit and i work at huckleberry at hume lake so that is me!! see you in aj!!!

  2. hi guys its me OTTER137 u might know me from aj and gift me if u member bc im member so plz gift me

  3. Hey AntAnimal,
    Do you know any animal codes? If so can you please tell us?
    My username~ thiry

    Thank You,

  4. Haii AntAnimal, can u plz add me on AJ i’m cutie72946 thx! And everyone else can add me 2. 😀

  5. Any membership codes for 12 months? Jam-a-gram me my name is Zvizero06.

  6. plz buddy me I am lalaja2345

  7. hi AntAnimal, can u plz buddy me on AJ? my user is glitterglammer45745(no caps) k thx! lol

  8. Hello AntAnimal! I read about. It was very awesome story about you! I think soon you will get membership!
    Your Kisombra

  9. buddy me plz i sent a request but u did not answer enchantedepicpaws

    • im in seventh too btw way and im about to be 13

  10. im in 8th grade and im 13

  11. im in 6th grade but take some 7th grade classes. my user name is feathertailxstormfur.

  12. omg hi your a member! just like me antanimal! XD i’m foxleapthewarrior on animal jam 🙂 cya ppl

  13. Hello i am gonna buddy you on my other account pinkprincess123abc so can you buddy this 1 bluefashionstar i am a horse a dolphen a fox and i think thats it anyways sya in jamaa.

  14. Lol XD

  15. Lol just joking 😛

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