Appondale Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Appondale is a town located in the savannah on the far left side of the Jamaa map.


This town only connects to one other town which is Jamaa Township.  Here is what the center of Appondale looks like.


Appondale Journey Book Cheats Guide


Conservation Museum: Here jammers can learn new things about animals, play games, and donate gems to save endangered species.  Jammers can also buy stuffed animals and posters from the gift shop.


Claws N’ Paws: This is a pet shop where jammers can adopt pets.  For 400 gems you can adopt a pet and customize its colors and features.  There are also outfits for pets that cost 200 gems.


Mud Pool: The mud pool is located in the middle of Appondale.  Jammers can roll around in the mud until their animal is covered.



Fruit Slinger: This game is very similar to Angry Birds if you’ve played that before.  Aim your slingshot and pull back to shoot the fruit at the phantoms.  Different fruits have different abilities.

Disc Toss:  Jammers play as their pet in this game.  The goal of this game is to jump up and catch the flying frisbees.  You lose if you miss three times.

Pest Control: Use the defender pieces to block the path and eat the pests.  Any pests that get to you will take down your health so watch out!

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