Arctic Foxes Return & Sheep Coming Soon!

Hey Jammers!  It’s been a while since there was a Jama Journal update because of the holidays but it’s back with some great news for 2017!  Let’s check it out.

Arctic foxes have been traveling for quite a while and they are now back in Jamaa!  You can get one for yourself at the Diamond Shop.


The next bit of good news is that the member daily spin has arrived!  Now when you login as a member every day you have a chance to win diamonds or a rare prize.


The member daily spin looks alot like the normal daily spin except the prizes are better!  The best part is the more days in a row that you log in, the better your prize will be.  So if you log in 3 days in a row and land on the double diamond, you’ll win 6 diamonds!!


Joining the return of the arctic foxes is the arrival of their smaller siblings – pet arctic foxes!  Now available to adopt and acompany you on your adventures in Jamaa.  There’s also a winter snow fort den that you can get from the Diamond Shop!


Speaking of adventures, there’s a brand new adventure available for members only.  Help the Alphas explore the Phantom Fortress in this new adventure called the Phantom Fortress.  Check back soon for a walkthrough guide.  I know I’ve been behind on posting new adventure guides but I plan to catch up on them very soon.


For those of you who have already played the new adventure, you’ve probably figured out that the new animal will be a sheep!  That’s right, sheep are coming soon to Jamaa.

And if you want to escape the snow and cold for a bit, go check out the heatwave party which can be found in the party menu!


I hope you all took advantage of the chance to create a masterpiece during the Jamaalidays.  Non-members created over half a million masterpieces during the Jamaalidays!  Now masterpieces can only be created by members but don’t let that hold you non-members back from being creative!


Nat Geo is celebrating penguins this month so that means all penguins and pet penguins are only half price!  Get yours now and waddle your way around Jamaa.  Dolphins will be leaving to travel on January 19th so make sure you have one before they leave.


It’s a new year so that means there’s a new bonus animal that comes with Animal Jam retail gift cards.  The bonus animal is a snow leopard and it even comes with exclusive den items too!  If you got an Animal Jam gift card for the holidays, now is a great time to redeem it.


Lot’s of great news this week, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for 2017!

  1. I am desperate for a membership user is jubo1000 and if u need pass I will tell u later

  2. When are the sheep coming? I NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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