Arctic Hood – Rare Beta Item

AJHQ released many different items during the Beta Testing Phase of Animal Jam. This was done to see if those items worked, how they worked and if they should stay or get removed. The Arctic Hood was one of those items. It made it through the Beta Testing Phase, was sold a few times and then removed from the game completely!

Arctic Hood Variants

There are a total of ten different variants available of the Arctic Hood; nine regular variants and one rare variant. The regular variants have different color schemes, while the rare variant has a different image, as well as a rare tag. You can see what they look like in the pictures below.

Beta Arctic Hood

Since the Arctic Hood was released during the Beta Testing Phase of Animal Jam, it went through a few changes. In the pictures below, you can see what the item looked like at the early stages, during it and after the Beta Testing Phase.

Rare Arctic Hood

The Rare Arctic Hood was released as a Rare Item Monday. This was back on September 24, 2012. The image of the rare variant looks slightly different compared to the regular ones.

How to Get an Arctic Hood in Animal Jam

The Arctic Hood is a clothing item that was introduced to Animal Jam during its Beta Testing Phase. This means that it is an incredible old item, and a quite rare one at that. If you want to get an Arctic Hood for yourself, you can use one of the following methods to obtain one.

Adventure Prizes

Even though the Arctic Hood hasn’t been sold in any of the shops in the game since 2012, it is still obtainable by completing The Forgotten Desert adventure. The prize pool for this particular adventure is quite large, so you will probably have to try several times to obtain the hood.


If you rather not spend a lot of time trying to obtain the Artic Hood by completing adventures, you can also choose to trade for the item. Best places to find traders in Animal Jam is the Jamaa Township and inside the Diamond Shop. Even though the Arctic Hood was cheap to purchase, it is now a valuable item. You will have to offer valuable items in return.

Arctic Hood Codes in AJ

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes available for the Arctic Hood. If you want to obtain one for yourself, you will either have to do The Forgotten Desert adventure, or you have to find a trader that has one. I will update this post if I find any useful codes!

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