Astronomy Shop Arrives in Sol Arcade

The newest shop to come to Jamaa is the Astronomy Shop, located in the Sol Arcade.  There are lots of new space theme items that you can buy to decorate your den.  I’ve always been a big fan of NASA and other space stuff so I’m pretty excited to have some space items in my den!


Unfortunately most of the new items at the Astronomy Shop are for members only but if you’re in need of a membership, check out our guide for how to get a free membership!  Anyways, onto the new astronomy items!


There are currently twelve new items at the Astronomy Shop, hopefully they add more soon.  In the meantime, check out what they have in store now!


Astronomy Store Items & Prices

Jupiter Throne

Cost: 900 gems

I wonder if you feel like an astronaut sitting here?


Space Rock Collection

Cost: 600 gems

These would make a nice addition to any wall!


Hanging Star Lamp

Cost: 600 gems

Keep your den bright with this lamp of hanging stars.


Planetary Ring Sofa

Cost: 500 gems

Sit on the edge of a planet with this cool sofa!


Solar Eclipse Tapestry

Cost: 400 gems

Decorate your dens walls with this tapestry or hang it over a window to keep the sun out.


Fancy Telescope

Cost: 750 gems

A golden telescope is about as fancy as it gets!


Galaxy Painting

Cost: 650 gems

Stare off into the galaxy any time of day with this painting.


Sun Rug

Cost: 500 gems

Watch out, this rug is hot to step on!


Star Stepping Stones

Cost: 400 gems

Perfect for your garden or walkway.


Hanging Star Strand

Cost: 450 gems

A bright decoration for any room.


Saturn Table

Cost: 550 gems

Did you ever think you could eat on another planet?


Crescent Moon Couch

Cost: 600 gems

Sit or sleep under the moonlight on this couch!


Those are the newest items available at the Astronomy Shop, hope to see more soon.  Go check them out for yourself!

  1. I’m giving away everything in the shop on the first day that jammaladays come so who ever comments first, wait till that day to get your items. Make shure to state your username, and send me a jam a gram { this giveaway is for members only }

  2. Thanks for the info

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