August 2014 Animal Jam Updates

Hey Everyone,

A bunch of new updates came out today for animal jam. It looks like august is going to be a good month to me.

Ok so first off you can get yourself a sweet tiki umbrella table if you head over to Jam-Mart Furniture. It’s a little expensive at 550 gems but it’s a pretty cool and unique item. I personally bought it since I really like tiki furniture. Note: you have to be a member to get the umbrella tiki table.


Now that there is something new in the jamma shops you can assume that something is going to be leaving. It looks like the aviator hat is that item. So login today and buy yours because there are only 10 days left for it to be on sale!


Some other exciting news in the animal jam world is the newest animal that will be joining the game. If you haven’t heard already it’s an otter! Here’s a sneak peek at how these cool guys look in the game.


Finally I saw a pretty cool glitch today from the user xxsmile. This is what happened in the diamond shop… Lots of rare items there huh… hahaha


Let us know what you all think of the August 2014 updates. It’s only the first day of the month so stay tuned, I’m sure there are going to be a ton of cool new things added throughout the month!

Keep Jammin!
– AntAnimal

  1. the otters are rlly cute!! I haven’t been to the diamond shop so I’ll have to try that glitch when I go on. Thx

  2. What is your username? I will send you a buddy request

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