Autumn Armor Codes

The Autumn Armor is a brand new armor set that arrived in the Diamond Shop at the end of August 2017.  With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start getting ready for fall and what better way to prepare than with some autumn themed Animal Jam armor?!

Like most of the new armor sets for sale at the Diamond Shop, the Autumn Armor set is for members only.  Maybe if we’re lucky there will be some codes for autumn armor that come out, let’s see!  There are 5 different pieces that complete the Autumn Armor set.  Each piece costs between 1-3 diamonds and it costs 9 diamonds total to buy the whole set.

The Autumn Armor set is a great way for Jammers to gear up for fall with its festive leaf colors.  I was hoping that this armor set would have some special effects like leaves that follow you around but it doesn’t look like it does, at least not yet.  It could be something that they add later on.  When you visit the Diamond Shop you’ll find the autumn armor for sale by clicking on the armor statue.

You can buy each piece separately but you’re definitely going to want them all to complete the look!  Show all of your buddies that you’re excited for fall by wearing your armor proudly around Jamaa.

Autumn Antlers

Autumn Talisman

Autumn Leaf Cloak

Autumn Trunk Gauntlets

Autumn Tail Leaves

Now since the Autumn Armor set just came out, many Animal Jam players are trying to find codes to get the set for free.  At the moment I don’t know of any working codes to get the Autumn Armor but hopefully Animal Jam will release some.  AJHQ has been on a streak with releasing new codes lately so I think it’s possible!

As of right now the best way I know to get an autumn armor set is by signing up for an Animal Jam membership.  I know they can be expensive but if you follow some of my tips you might be able to get one for free!  A great part about being a member is not only do you get access to every item and animal in the game but you also get at least one diamond for every day you log in.  So it’s easy to save up enough diamonds to buy anything you want!

You could also try trading with other Jammers to get the autumn armor set.  If you see someone wearing the autumn armor around Jamaa, ask them politely if they might want to trade.  You never know what items they might trade for!

I’ll keep looking for any Autumn Armor codes that come out and any other ways to get these items.  If you know of any codes for autumn armor please post them in the comments.  After I confirm that the code works I’ll add it to this page and give you credit for finding it!  In the meantime if you have Autumn Armor or you’re looking to trade for it, comment below and see if any other Jammers are interested.  Good luck!

  1. it did for me

  2. i love this website!!

    it always helps me get lots of stuff! ):D

  3. im a member for 12 months

  4. You should make some so the animals that are wearing it would look like a different animal.

    P.S. my favorite animal os a snow leopard.

  5. Code of diamonds is twelve i dont thinked be its work again

  6. whats the membership codes? Im Queenbunnyrabbit2 and im gettin another membership in Chrismas break but i just cant wait for another membership so i want U to tell ME all of THE membership codes. Pls im begging u. Im not usely a begger but i really need it (falls to knees begging). im a rare nm yes its true but just bc im AMAZING anyways gtg. Pls…

  7. Hai, my username is Spiritcatfox and i think this page is very useful for people to find out codes without having to ask other jammers about it and also i think non members should have more items that they can wear because this way it would be fair otherwise the non members would feel sad and as some cannot afford to get membership, maybe u should add a non member version for some member items but make it diamond shopped. btw ajhq souldadd custom spike collars back for a few days for a halloween celebration and call it “spooky spikey collar” wouldn’t that be cool? and also should make it non member so all jammers can enjoy the halloweeny happy spirit 😀

    • I completely agree no better way to say or put it

  8. please you can help me to memberships please


  10. plz not a member

  11. plss give me armor of animaljam

  12. whats the codes for em?

  13. nice code’s

  14. Cool. I like Every set they make. It’s just so weird how they keep up with it. Isn’t it hard? But I think The Autumn and the Gingerbread sets are the best ones that I have in my inventory. I just have to say that Animal Jam needs to lower down a little of the prices for the Membership. I have to say, The membership is a little Expensive. But, The money is all donated to make more updates so that is a good thing. Anyways, I Just love How Animal Jam Adds in a Rare item on Every Monday. That’s one way you can get rare. Unless if it’s for members…. So! Anyone see the Solar Eclipse? It was Amazing. Also, On the Eclipse Set there are actually 6. I saw there was sunglasses to go with it. The sunglasses we’re rare and they looked kinda in the beta days. It still looks really cool. I love Animal Jam! Keep on Playing! (If you AJHQ Please read this)

    (AJHQ’s note) So, If you ever want to buddy me, My username is Elizabeth356
    I love Animal Jam. It’s the best game ever! Also, aybe Nonmembers should have Free Chat. I’m Just asking. It’s okay if you don’t.

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