Autumn Coyotes in Animal Jam – Codes & More!

I have some very exciting news for all Jammers! Previously, we had already taken a look at the Coyote in Animal Jam. With the end of the summer nearby, the people over at AJHQ will be preparing Animal Jam for the next season, which is, of course, autumn. What better way to do so than by announcing an amazing animal? The new animal is the Autumn Coyote! It was announced back on August 2nd, and released exactly two weeks later, on August 16th.

By the looks of it, the Autumn Coyote’s fur is covered in leaves. The leaves are red, yellow, pink and orange. The Autumn Coyote’s fur is brown. These are the typical colors you would see around you when you go outside in the autumn season. I think that the Autumn Coyote looks amazing, and very fitting as a new animal release on Animal Jam!

Animal Jam Autumn Coyote Pictures

At first glance, it might seem like the Autumn Coyote looks exactly the same as the regular Coyote, which can also be bought in Animal Jam. However, as you walk around, you’ll notice that the Autumn Coyote’s fur is covered in leaves. Those leaves have different colors. You’ll also notice that the Autumn Coyote has a trail of leaves when it walks around. Another thing that is different is that the Autumn Coyote has red lines on its face, and a white belly.

Most of the new animal releases in Animal Jam are members-only. The Autumn Coyote is no exception to that. You can buy the Autumn Coyote by going to the Diamond Shop. You can find the Diamond Shop at the Jamaa Township. The Autumn Coyote costs 10 Diamonds.

If you are already a member, but you don’t have enough Diamonds, you can always collect more by simply logging into the game. Every day, when you log into Animal Jam, you get a free daily spin. Make use of your free daily spins to easily collect some Diamonds. That way, you will be able to get the amazing Autumn Coyote for yourself!

While the Autumn Coyote is standing still, it looks similar to the regular Coyote. However, you will notice several important differences. For starters, its fur has leaves on it. The colors of its fur also looks different compared to the regular Coyote. The most exciting thing about the Autumn Coyote is its trail. Whenever you walk around with your Autumn Coyote, a trail of leaves will follow it. I personally think that the Autumn Coyote’s trail is awesome!

Now, we will take a look at the Autumn Coyote’s moves and actions. Sometimes, you just want to sit down and take in the scenery in Animal Jam. You can sit in 4 different directions with your Autumn Coyote. It almost looks like the Autumn Coyote wants to lay down when you tell it to sit. Two of its legs are stretched out and the other two are pushed forward.

Telling your Autumn Coyote to play will make it chase its own tail in a circle. It will keep doing so until you tell it to stop, or until you click and move around.

If you want to see what the Autumn Coyote looks like jumping, check the hop action. It will rapidly jump up and down, landing on all four paws and repeating it.

Once you have walked and hopped around for a while, the Autumn Coyote might want to sleep and rest. The sleep action will make the Autumn Coyote lay down, and put its head on its arm. Its tail will move around slightly, and you will also see the Autumn Coyote breathe.

Lastly, the dance action of the Autumn Coyote is something else! It will shuffle around, from left to right and repeat. It looks pretty awesome, and the Autumn Coyote looks happy.

Autumn Coyotes Codes for Animal Jam

After searching on the internet for a while, there doesn’t seem to be any codes available for the Autumn Coyote. That’s not surprising though, since the Autumn Coyote is a new release. It usually takes a while before AJHQ starts releasing animal codes, but they are still very rare.

In the picture above, you can see how the Autumn Coyote was announced in the Jamaa Journal. I would say that the Autumn Coyote looks amazing in that picture! If any Jammers would like to share their codes with us, be sure to leave a comment on this post!

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