Back to School in Jamaa – Tiki Trouble + Crystal Palace + More News!

We are midway through the month of August, and that means school is about to start for a
lot of you Jammers! Have you done anything awesome during your summer break? Animal
Jam celebrates the start of the new school year with a party, so bring your friends and let’s
have some fun!

When you are done partying, I have some more exciting news for you! Two new animals are
being introduced to Animal Jam. The first animal is the Autumn Coyote, and the second one
is Juno, the legendary arctic wolf! The Autumn Coyote has a pattern of leaves on its fur. That
will be a perfect match for the autumn season, especially when the leaves start falling down.

Juno the Ancient Hero was the protector of Jamaa, but disappeared mysteriously. Will this
Legendary Arctic Wolf return to Animal Jam and protect Jamaa once again? Keep an eye out
for the Arctic Wolf statue in the Temple of the Ancients.

The Crystal Palace is a great place for Jammers that like shiny things. If you are looking for a
new adventure, head on out to the Crystal Palace, and explore the secret Crystal Cave.

Since its still summer, you can go on the Tiki Trouble adventure. It is your mission to find the
three legendary Pearls. With those legendary Pearls, you will be able to drive the Phantoms
away and make Jamaa’s oceans safe once again. The only problem is that you will need to
beat the ancient Tiki Statues that are guarding the island!

Play Wild, Animal Jam’s mobile game, has also received an update last week. If you want to
be able to play Animal Jam on the go, make sure to download Play Wild on your phone. You
can use your Animal Jam account on Play Wild as well. This means that you can keep going
on adventures, even if you don’t have access to your computer. Download Play Wild on iOS
and Android for free!

Team Direwolves or Team Sabertooths? If you want to show your friends which team is
better, make sure to check out the Direwolves vs. Sabertooths Summer Subscription Box.
The box includes a reversible jersey! The Direwolf side is purple, and the Sabertooth side is blue.

In short, the summer might be coming to an end, but Animal Jam has some exciting updates
for us! Be sure to bookmark Animaljamworld to keep yourself up to date on Animal Jam!

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