Bahari Bay Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Bahari Bay is located in the center of the ocean areas.


This ocean area is one of the most popular because it borders Crystal Sands and the other three ocean areas.  Consider Bahari Bay as the underwater Jamaa Township.


Bahari Bay Journey Book Cheats Guide


Bahari Bargains: Bahari Bargains is a shop located near the surface of Bahari Bay.  Here Jammers can buy clothing for their underwater animals.  You can also recycle any unwanted clothing here.



Best Dressed:  This is the same as the land area game.  Dress up your animal based on the theme that is given.  Vote for the best dressed animal after time is up.

Splash and Dash: Splash and Dash is similar to Jamma Derby.  Race your dolphins to the finish line while avoiding obstacles.

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  2. i need three animals, i have a wolf and giraffe and i not deleting

    my username is Dj3004

  3. yea you right dude th ocean in animal jam so so so boring

  4. The ocean in animaljam is sooooo boring

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