Battle for the Beacon Video: We Need Your Help!

Hi Jammers! As you know, there is a NEW adventure called Battle for the Beacon! I need YOUR help to make a video tutorial showing Jammers how it’s done! Please read the rules below and sign up to join!


  • Please only join if you have played this adventure before and you are good at it! We don’t want anyone playing who is confused about what they have to do!
  • Please fill out the form below about which role you want.
  • Please refrain from doing things outside of your role.
  • It is okay if you get put to sleep. Just take a short minute to regain yourself and get back to your role.
  • There are 4 spots for each role (Besides myself). If the spots are filled, we may add more. If not, please understand that we are out of spots.
  • In game, please do not waste time talking to the camera. You will be acknowledged in the credits, so don’t worry about being noticed.
  • Please make sure you are available for the time of the video! This will take up at least half an hour to an hour to make!
  • Please make sure to have Acrowdedstreet add you if you are on the team! Meetup is at her den!
  • If you cannot make it to the video shooting, please tell us beforehand so you can be replaced!


  • Chomper Control: Your job is to revive the Chomper plants! We really need you guys to keep the phantom population under control! That way, others can focus on getting rid of those pesky phantom tubes! Your job is to also make sure the boomseed trees are full of fruit so everyone can get to them easily. This is especially important for the third wave of phantoms! For this role, you don’t use Boomseeds, but you may use them in case of emergencies, such as a large phantom attack. Please try to always have a watering can on hand for this role.
  • Bombers: Your job is to get your boomseeds and attack the phantom tubes! Seeds can do a lot of damage, so try to always get some on hand. If you run out of boomseeds, do not hesitate to leave the field and grab more at the boomseed trees!
  • Claws: Your job is to charge at the phantom pipes and divert the existing phantoms into chomper plants. For this, you will need some leg armor (Ice Armor, Phoenix Armor, Rainbow Armor, and Diamond Armor are a few examples!) If you get caught in a large storm of phantoms, you can bomb them with boomseeds or surrender and get put to sleep. It is okay either way! Warning: This job will put you at highest risk of being put to sleep!
Pick a role! Simply comment below this exact form:



Do You Agree To Fulfill Your Role And ONLY Your Role?: 

Do You Agree That You Are Available To Shoot The Video For As Long As You Are Needed? (This means you cannot just leave in the middle of the game!):

This video will be scheduled to start filming next week. June 24th at 3:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time at Acrowdedstreet’s Den.

I will personally add you when you have made the team! 

. If you have any more questions, please comment them below! We will be listing roles along here, and a final list of who’s doing what will be posted the day before filming starts. See you Jammers soon!

Chomper Control Team:

  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled


  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled


  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled
  • Unfilled


  • Acrowdedstreet (Me!)


  1. Claws please, my username is cruma1124!

    • Oh and I agree to do my role and only my role and i play AJ all day so I can stay as long as needed!

  2. Jisooh

    chomper control

    also can you buddy me? plz?

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